ppcocaine has gone through a journey both in her search for her intrinsic as well as her musical identity. The rapper, whom LA Times once dubbed "the filth queen of TikTok," arguably had success in finding her musical identity first.

Her gender and what she identified as were also something she was struggling with. But, in recent times, she, and her fans, have gotten clarity on that.

The genderfluid artist is now proudly out as such, and it wasn't an easy road for her to realize her true self.

ppcocaine’s Evolving Sexuality

There's confusion regarding two things about ppcocaine — her sexuality and her gender identity. First, let's talk about her sexuality.

ppcocaine had her fans unsure about her gender and sexuality for a while.

ppcocaine had her fans unsure about her gender and sexuality for a while. (Photo: ppcocaine/Instagram)

The rapper first came out as gay when she was 12 years old. She told her grandparents, and while they didn't react like it was a bad thing, they still tried to convince her to marry boys.

She has addressed herself as gay and lesbian in many of her tweets.

"How ima be gay but hate females, seem like a dilemma to me," the rapper wrote in her December 21, 2020 tweet. Similarly, she wrote "Girl I'm gay" while replying to a fan who misunderstood one of her song lyrics on June 9, 2021.

A LA Times article published on September 10, 2020, too, recognized ppcocaine as gay. It included the anecdote mentioned above about her coming out to her grandparents. And the New York Times article from August 28, 2020, does the same.

On August 25, 2021, ppcocaine sent out a confident, but confusing to many, tweet about her being a lesbian. "Me and @nextyounginn just found out that we were lesbians…. I hope y’all can understand," she tweeted, to which a few questioned if she wasn't already a lesbian before that.

The seemingly final chapter in her evolution in sexuality came in March 2022. On March 19, she uploaded a video on TikTok captioned, "I guess this is me officially coming out," lip-syncing to some strongly sexually suggestive lyrics from her own song. This hinted she was bisexual and not just gay or lesbian.

ppcocaine Came Out as Genderfluid on Twitter

ppcocaine had not really talked about her gender identity openly. Everyone knew and recognized her as an upcoming female hip-hop artist. Keyword - female.

But, on September 22, 2022, ppcocaine came clean about how she felt about herself regarding her gender.

"I am genderfluid," she revealed in the tweet, eliciting a flood of positive, appreciative responses from her fans.

"So happy for you!!" one user wrote, while another replied, "LOVE THAT FOR YOU." Many also dropped plenty of heart emojis in the replies.

This revelation, while a joyous thing, also caused many to be confused about her preferred pronouns. The rapper, too, took her time to decide on the matter.

Finally, on April 4, 2022, she announced she would be using she/they/he pronouns. "After doing some soul searching, I wanted to let you guys know that, bc I am genderfluid I will be going by any pronouns (she/they/he)," ppcocaine tweeted.

ppcocaine (real name - Lilliane Catherine Diomi) is a LA native rapper of biracial ethnicity. Born to a Congolese father and white mother, she shared time between her parents and grandparents when she was little.

While she seems to be on good terms with her father and sister, she does not have a good relationship with her mother, something she is vocal about. She has admitted to disliking her mom on Twitter and talked about how her fans have stayed with her longer than her mom did.

She grew up listening to songs on her mom's mp3 player but never thought she would make music for a living. She wanted to get into the fashion business instead and create a lingerie line that beat Victoria's Secret one day.

But, a trial recording session with a lowkey producer put her distinctive high-pitched voice on the map, and she became big.