Marvel has no shortage of powerful characters in its massive catalog. 

According to Collider, there are over 8000 characters if you count the multiverse folks. 

Many of these characters are powerful in their ways, but the pivotal question remains — who’s the strongest marvel character ever? Here are the ten most powerful marvel characters ever ranked. 

10. Cyttorak

First on our list of the10 most powerful marvel characters ever is the mythical deity Cyttorak. 


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Considered the most powerful of all Marvel magical beings, Cyttorak exists within and rules over the Crimson Cosmos. 

He is omnipotent, and a drop of his power can awaken powers in sorcerers and strong magical beings such as Doctor Strange. 

9. Proteus

Proteus or Kevin MacTaggert is an Omega-level mutant capable of altering reality. Think Scarlet Witch. 

But that’s not all. The mutant can teleport anywhere in the Marvel universe and multiverse, generate force fields, manipulate molecules to a degree, and terraform planets with a thought. 

In his natural form, he is made entirely of psionic energy, which means he is immortal, but it does not make him cosmic. 

One of his main weaknesses is he needs to possess human hosts from time to time to feed on.

8. Phoenix Force

The Phoenix Force is an immortal, ageless, abstract cosmic entity that symbolizes the universe’s energies of creation and destruction. 

It has an unlimited amount of cosmic power to create and destroy anything and everything and achieves feats through the use of a host, most particularly Jean Grey, the powerful, telekinetic X-Men member.

The Phoenix has an unparalleled propensity for destruction, which is why it is the top most powerful marvel character. 

7. Galactus

At number seven, we have Galactus, one of the most notorious Marvel villains in history.

He has unlimited access to Cosmic energy and is immortal.

He can use the energy force to do practically anything, such as influencing the minds of those looking at him. 

6. Franklin Richards

As the mutant son of Fantastic Four members Reed Richards and Sue Storm Richards, Franklin Richards is a rare and omega-level being in the multiverse. 

Defeating a celestial is formidable, but Franklin defeated multiple, making him one of the strongest mutants as powerful as the Celestials.

5. Molecule Man

The Molecule Man earned his powers through an atomic accident. 

A scientist named Owen Reece suffered a lab accident that gave him the ability to manipulate molecules, and since everything is made of molecules, he has complete control over all matter and energy that exists. 

That is why many fear him. 

4. Cosmic Pantheons

The cosmic pantheons consist of four different abstract entities — Eternity, Infinity, Death, and Oblivion. 

Eternity and Infinity are inseparable and encompass all that happens within the universe. They are the sources of creation and expansion. 

Meanwhile, Death and Oblivion balance their power by ruling over destruction. 

3. Living Tribunal

The Living Tribunal is an omnipotent entity depicted as a giant gold humanoid with three cloaked faces, each facing in different directions, which he uses to see past, present, and future.


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He serves as the chief arbiter for every cosmic happening that takes place over the multiverse. 

Said to be the judge on behalf of the One Above All, he protects the balance of the multiverse and bridges the divide between competing realities

2. Beyonder

Apart from being the only character on the second spot on our list, the thing that sets Beyonder apart from others is that he comes from his own dimension outside the multiverse. 


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He is omnipotent and can do anything from manipulating reality to playing by his own rules. 

1. One Above All

The most powerful marvel character is highly debatable, but One Above All tops our list. 

One Above All has a god-like status and is likened to the Judeo-Christian God.

It possesses complete omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience. The God-like entity created the omniverse and everything in it, including the Beyonders. 

The character can manifest itself in whatever physical form it wants.