The Marvel Cinematic Universe is currently the gold standard for anything superhero.

With the expansion of the MCU going at the rate it is, the super franchise has given birth to many a generation's favorite superhero. And there has never been a lack of female superheroes over the years.

Black Widow set the tone for strong female characters within the MCU, and as time has passed, the fans have seen many of their favorite female characters from the books come to life — Wanda Maximoff, Captain Marvel, She-Hulk, you name it. 

But not all superheroes are created equal. Some are more powerful than others, and not all those powerful ones are good.

So, here is a list of the top 10 most powerful female Marvel characters, according to their sheer superabilities that have been introduced to us (or are about to be introduced to us) before the MCU phase four ends.

10. Brunnhilde/Valkyrie

Introduced in the MCU through Thor: Ragnarok, Brunnhilde, more popularly known as Valkyrie, is an Asgardian warrior. As Odin's personal pick to fight Hela, she sent the Asgardian goddess of death back to her prison.

Top 10 Strongest Female Marvel Characters - Valkyrie

Valkyrie, portrayed in the MCU by Tessa Thompson (Photo: Tessa Thompson/Instagram)

She went into hiding after becoming the only one to survive Hela's wrath. But, after Thor called upon her, she went with him to fight Hela for the second time and played a big part in defeating her.

Valkyrie became King Valkyrie after Thor gave her the responsibilities of the New Asgard, which is a show of respect for her powers and abilities.

9. Agatha Harkness

Wanda Maximoff's nemesis in WandaVision, Agatha Harkness, is as strong a witch as they come. She had more experience than Wanda and had done feats previously thought impossible.


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She could use many spells that Wanda could — shoot magic blasts, control people and objects' appearances, and even perform necromancy. And she did all this by absorbing the powers of other witches.

A formidable opponent to Wanda, Agatha is probably only second to the Scarlet Witch in terms of her ability to use magic.

8. Frigga

Thor's mother, Frigga, was a powerful woman. If Agatha was a witch, Frigga was raised by witches. And she raised the trickster in Loki, to whom she taught all her magic skills.

She could cast and see through illusions, had amazing abilities with swords, and had the superhuman abilities Asgardians had. She even overpowered the leader of the Dark Elves for a while, which speaks volumes about her.

7. Mighty Thor

Jane Foster, who wielded Thor's Mjolnir and became Mighty Thor, is the latest female superhero addition to the MCU. She appeared in Thor: Love and Thunder and kicked some enemy behinds.

Wielding the Mjolnir gave her every superpower Thor had, only in much smaller portions. But, she could do things with the once crushed-into-pieces hammer that no one else before her could, like changing trajectories mid-throw.

6. The Ancient One

One of the least talked-about female characters in the MCU, The Ancient One, was the Sorcerer Supreme before Doctor Strange came along.

The leader of the Masters of the Mystic Arts, she fulfilled her responsibilities of protecting the earth from multiversal threats for a long time.

She had powers similar to Wanda, but like Mighty Thor, only on a smaller scale. She could manipulate magic to make them look real and create mirror worlds to trap enemies in.

5. Hela

The Asgardian goddess of death, Hela was a commander of the legions of Asgard gone rogue. She gained her powers of superhuman strength, speed, regenerative healing, necromancy, and conditional immortality from Asgard.

After going rogue, Odin imprisoned her in Hel for millennia, but she got out of there after his death with an aim to recapture Asgard and rule over it. She fought against Thor and his revengers, which included Valkyrie, and destroyed Mjolnir.

Loki had to release Surtur to defeat her, and Hela died after Asgard fell and Ragnarok happened. Her limitless abilities while Asgard lasted made her one of the most powerful female characters in the MCU.

4. Sersi

Sersi is the Prime Eternal. The leader of Earth's Eternals after Ajak's death, she protected humans for thousands of years from Deviant attacks.


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As for her powers, she has a lot. She has superhuman strength, speed, and healing, as well as immortality. Also, she can manipulate cosmic energy and transmute matter to change its forms.

3. Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers, or Captain Marvel, gained her powers from being exposed to the Tesseract. That explains the many extraordinary powers she possesses.

Captain Marvel has superhuman strength and speed, and she can fly. She can also manipulate cosmic energy, using them to create energy blasts and protective cloaks.

Further, she was one of the few who could stand up to Thanos and fight him as long as he did not have the Infinity Stones.

2. She-Hulk

She-Hulk is the only character in this list who is yet to be introduced into the MCU, formally, that is. With a movie just around the corner and a trailer that is already out, she makes this list.

Jennifer Walters, or She-Hulk, is Hulk's cousin, and even though she is not as powerful as him, she has the same potential. The part where she has an advantage over him is that she is much more in control of her transformation and rage than Hulk and has more technical abilities than him.

Easily one of the strongest women in the MCU, she is a worthy character to take over Hulk's place once the big green guy retires.

1. Wanda Maximoff/The Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff was a powerful character right from the moment she was introduced in Avengers: Age of Ultron. And with time and tragedies, her powers have only increased.


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She is one of the strongest characters there are in the MCU, and that was before she ever turned into The Scarlet Witch. After her transformation, she has also become one of the most feared women in the multiverse.

Wanda, who was born with Chaos Magic and later achieved other powers through the Mind Stone, has powers of Psionics, telekinesis, mental manipulation, telepathy, levitation, and time and matter manipulation.

Later, in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, she achieved evil powers like dreamwalking and power absorption.