In 2016, Who Killed Sara? star Polo Morin found himself in an unusual predicament. 

Hackers had accessed his social networks without authorization and leaked his photos with Lambda Garcia. 

Morin and Gracia were rumored to be in a relationship for a year, but they had denied the romance. 

But the leaked photos proved otherwise, and Morin had to confirm his sexuality. 

The actor admitted the hacked photos were real through a video posted on Facebook Live and expressed that he did not like being labeled gay. 

Polo Morin Dealing With the Leaked Photos

During an interview with Out magazine, the actor opened up about dealing with the leaked photos. Before the incident, Morin had found much success in Mexico and Latin America. 

And when his sexuality got leaked, his managers were afraid that it would hamper his career because he was from an all-pervasive macho cultured Mexico. 

His managers told him to say it was a mistake and that the media was trying to set him up. They also asked him to deny being gay. 

Morin recalled being terrified because he thought everything he had achieved would be snatched away. 

He was really confused, so he talked with his parents, boyfriend, and everyone else around him. 

Polo Morin and his boyfriend

Polo Morin and his current boyfriend (Source: Polo Morin/Instagram)

Morin learned he hadn’t been happy for a long time and was stressing over something that was not wrong.

“I came out because I remembered when I was a little boy, I knew what I was going through. I thought I was wrong, and I was a bad person. So I thought I should go to hell,” said the actor. 

He continued saying that growing up, if he had a role model, someone who was “a mentally, professionally, healthy and sane person” who could have taught him that being gay was ok, it would have made his life easier.

Polo Morin Admitted He Was Gay

Morin came clean about his sexuality, hoping all the little kids like little Polo had a role model. 

But when he did, it was not as easy as he thought. 

The actor noted that he lost a lot of fans, and his Instagram account lost 100,000 followers in a couple of days.

He also lost a couple of roles in soap operas because soap operas in Mexico were still stereotypical.

“A lot of producers called me, and said, ‘We cannot give you straight characters because everybody knows that you’re not straight. They will not fall for the Polo being in love with the female character, so we cannot give you any more characters.’”

But despite everything, the actor iterated that he was really happy.

He didn’t care about the number of followers he had because it was about the quality of followers, not quantity. 

Whenever he posted photos with his boyfriend, he got a lot of nice comments from his girl fandom. 

As for scoring roles for movies and series, that actor studied more and did more deep acting in films and shows. 

Fortunately for him, Netflix came into his life, and he couldn’t be happier.