Many people might recognize Polo Morín as the young and gay José María Lazcano from Netflix’s Spanish thriller, Who Killed Sara?

The charming actor who plays a gay character came out as gay in real life and has enjoyed a successful career. 

And as someone from an all-pervasive macho cultured Mexico, it wasn’t easy for him to come out. 

But he was left with no choice when hackers outed him. He eventually came clean and, these days, has no qualms about posting his love life on social media for everyone to see.

The actor is currently dating Bernardo Abascal. 


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He made their relationship official on social media last September with a photo of him and his boyfriend looking cozy.

In the caption, he wrote in Spanish, “For those who need to listen to it: It is time that you take the steps to become the person you cannot stop dreaming about.”

Polo Morín and His Boyfriend

According to the Nova Southeastern University website, Abascal is a senior swimmer on the University Men’s team. 

During his sophomore years, he placed first in the 1000 freestyle against Keiser, Florida Tech, Florida Southern, Indian River, Lynn/Rollins, Tampa, and the 2018 Shark Invitational.

The swimmer had moved to the United States from Mexico when he was 18. 

During his video feature for NSU Men’s Swimming for Hispanic Heritage Month 2020, he talked about his experiences growing up in two different countries and their cultures. 


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One of the significant differences he felt when he moved was how people treated each other.

He shared that Mexican culture treated everyone like family, but in the States, even though people were friendly, the warmth was not present. 

He also explained that he stuck out from his peers because of his openness to other cultures and how he approached people. 

Although there isn’t much information about Morín and Abascal, the actor revealed some details about his relationship during his feature on Out.

He shared that he was convinced he would remain single for the rest of his life after his break up. 

But out of the blue, his boyfriend sent him a DM on TikTok, which piqued his interest.

So he texted him back, and they started talking and eventually met in person and fell in love.  

Polo Morín and Lambda García


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In the interview, Morín did not mention who he broke up with, but he was once in a high-profile relationship with fellow Mexican actor Lambda García. 

The two actors were in a relationship for three years and broke up in 2019.

Although the reason for their breakup is unknown, Latin Times reported that their relationship changed when photos of the duo were leaked online. 

Shortly after the photos were leaked, reports surfaced that García was cheating on Morín with actor Mauricio Mejía. But Mejía spoke up and said it was a lie. 

No one knows what went down, but when García appeared on Today, he mentioned that he would never work with Morín.

A presenter had asked him who he disliked in the industry. Unfortunately, it seems the former couple did not end on amicable terms.