Playboi Carti, age 25, recently came out with a tweet claiming that his merch website was hacked. Still, there were eager fans that purchased quite a lot of merch during that time. 

While some came forward with the receipts for their purchases, others took to Twitter to share their two cents on the matter. 

Playboi Carti Announced 'Narcissist'

It all started in August 2021, when the famed rapper teased a new project that he was working on. It was called "Narcissist." However, there was an air of enigma about the post. 

The rapper, who appeared on Kanye West's Donda album last month, deliberately held back any details surrounding the project. Perhaps, it was a shot at a new hunger marketing strategy. The only detail that was released was a snap of a hooded mannequin dressed in a layered outfit. 

Was it a new line of merch? Did the rapper have a new album in the pipeline? Noone knew what Narcissist was — a fact that the alleged hacker used for leverage. 


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Playboi Carti Claimed His Merch Site Was Hacked

A while after the announcement was made, Playboi's merch site was flooded with all sorts of merch with Narcissist branding.

The merch included a motorcycle helmet for $5000, a ski-like face mask for $40, a dad cap also for $40, T-shirts ranging from $45 - $160, motorcycle gloves for $75, a hoodie for $110, and Nascar-esque racing jackets for $250.

On September 15, 2021, the rapper shared a screenshot via his official Twitter handle, revealing that the merch put up for sale on his website was being sold without his permission. 

"THE WEBSITE IS HACKED THE REF FOLDER WAS POSTED LIVE," the text, which was sent in a group message to two other unknown individuals, reads. "I NEVER APPROVED ANY CLOTHING/ETC."

Fans Are Not Happy with the Merch

As fans bombarded Twitter with screenshots of their purchase receipts, a user pointed out that the merch that was made available on Playboi's website was eerily similar to goods featured by Chinese retailers. 

Most notably, the "narcissistic motorcycle helmet" being sold for a whopping $5000 was available at the Chinese retail outlet for a measly $29. The only difference was that one of those helmets had a Narcissist flat printed sticker on them. 

After a closer inspection, it was evident that almost all of the merch being sold off of Playboi's website were cheap counterfeit products obtained from Chinese retailers.


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Understandably, fans that had already placed their orders were less than pleased to find out that it was all a ruse. 

"You better refund my [explitive] or I'm slapping the birthmark off yo cheek," wrote one angry fan.

Another one called out the rapper and wrote, "@playboicarti are u still gon ship the merch, or did u just snag my 50." 

Check out a few other tweets below:

"Narcissist," Carti's new thing, was supposed to be revealed on September 13, according to the posts he made on Instagram from August through mid-September. However, apart from this merch fiasco, fans seem to have gotten nowhere with its release.