PewDiePie and his wife Marzia have finally moved to Japan two and a half years after announcing their plans to move. The YouTuber shared the news with a vlog titled ‘It finally happened!’ which he uploaded on May 9, 2022. 

PewDiePie documented the arduous process of securing their Visas and relevant documents to move to another country. And though the video showed how troublesome the process could be, the most troublesome matter was still flying with their pets.

PewDiePie had to go the extra mile just to ensure his two pugs could fly with him. As all the airlines only allowed the dogs to weigh under 8 kgs when put inside the cabin, he had to travel in a private jet.

He explained his reason for the decision, saying he didn’t want to risk his dogs having any difficulties, especially because pugs already had trouble breathing normally.

The video also captured many emotional moments for the couple, including meeting their friends for the last time in the UK.

PewDiePie met his friends for the last time in the UK

PewDiePie met his friends for the last time in the UK. (Source: YouTube)

Another touching moment documented was when PewDiePie and Marzia finally made it to their home in Japan. He thanked everyone who had been supportive of his decision to move throughout the years.

“For so long, we doubted if we could even make this move and we went through all the ups and downs. Obviously it’s been a really long journey but I just really really appreciate everyone who was supportive of us going,” he said.

“Just meant a lot that people were cheering for us, you know. I just want to say thanks. I really appreciate it… Can’t wait for the next chapter of our lives.”

PewDiePie’s Move to Japan Was Delayed for over Two Years

PewDiePie first announced he was moving to the Land of the Rising Sun back in 2019 after sharing he had bought a house there.

It didn’t surprise his fans, as the YouTuber had expressed his love for Japan frequently in the past. He had also been there multiple times, many of which he documented in several vlog series.

Unfortunately, his plans were delayed by almost two and a half years because of the pandemic. 

PewDiePie gave an update on his plans through a video uploaded on December 29, 2021. He explained that Japan had closed all its borders because of the global pandemic and how that had made getting a Business Visa near impossible.

“Even just making the choice to move there was really difficult,” he noted. “We obviously would be leaving everything that we built here behind, all these amazing friends, but we just felt like we really wanted to take on this adventure while we’re still young.”

PewDiePie’s House in Japan Was Robbed

Many things happened during the two and a half years, including his house in the Land of the Rising Sun getting robbed. Marzia talked about it in an Instagram Live.

Marzia revealed her and PewDiePie's house in Japan was robbed

Marzia revealed her and PewDiePie's house in Japan was robbed. (Source: Instagram)

“Our house was broken into and they took 90% of my valuables, from my jewelry, to luxury goods and special items I’ve been collecting over the years. It’s all gone,” she wrote.

PewDiePie also addressed the robbery in a YouTube video. There, he revealed he learned of the news at an unfortunate time as he and his wife had just dealt with their house in the UK flooding.

Explaining that he didn’t want the video to be too negative, he spent the rest of the video watching “blessed images” on Reddit.