In May 2021, the world of comedy and entertainment suffered a huge loss with the passing of pioneering comedian, writer, and actor Paul Mooney.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mooney's representative Cassandra Williams confirmed that the comedian passed away in his residence in Oakland because of cardiac arrest.

He was remembered by fans, colleagues, peers, and juniors worldwide.

Mooney was famous for his wit and dark humor. He wrote his own material and famously collaborated with late comedian Richard Pryor.

The comedian played a critical role in Pryor's career as a head writer on the fan-favorite The Richard Pryor Show.

He also served as a writer on Fox's In Living Color and NBC's Sanford and Son.

And when he made his guest appearances multiple times on Comedy Central's popular show, Chappelle's Show, starring comedian Dave Chappelle, he was introduced to a whole new generation of audience.

Naturally, as someone who spent most of his time in the limelight, Mooney's love life was often discussed even though the comedian tried to keep it private. 

Paul Mooney's Family and Wife

In 1973, Mooney was married to actress Yvonne Mooney. Yvonne had made a name for herself with her modeling and acting career in the 70s.

She was famous for her role as the Congregation Lady in the 1977 American comedy, Which Way Is Up?  

The couple welcomed five children, Dwayne Mooney, Spring Mooney, Symeon Mooney, Daryl Mooney, and Shane Mooney, into the world together.

But, unfortunately, the couple was not meant to be, and they divorced a few years after their marriage.

The reason for their divorce is still unknown, but it has been reported that the pair remained amicable.

After the divorce, Mooney dated Lotti Petti and Stacy J.Safe. The actor was also said to be remarried to a woman only known as Shelly, but it is unconfirmed as there are no details. 

In 2018, Mooney was believed to be dating singer, Chaka Khan. That year on Valentine's Day, Mooney shared a picture of his beau sitting on his lap as he tweeted, "I'm having a fantastic evening @ChakaKhan each day is Valentine's Day!"

He also replied to the tweet in which he mentioned Chaka as his "wife," and he adored her a lot.

Paul Mooney and His Children

The comedian was very close with his children and considered them his best friends. In a tweet from 2019, Paul Mooney said, "My best friends are my children… all four of them." 

All his children were actively part of his life except for his youngest son Symeon who passed away in 2001. According to reports, he was murdered, although that has yet to be confirmed. 

In 2014, rumors circulated that the comedian was diagnosed with prostate cancer, but in February 2016, his children denied it and claimed had was experiencing the first stage of dementia instead.

When Mooney passed away, his daughter Spring tweeted that her best friend had just died, and there were no words to express her feelings.

She ended the tweet by saying she loved her father.