Even though Paul Bissonnette reportedly has been in a longtime relationship with his girlfriend, he is pretty secretive about his love life.

That being said, the former professional ice hockey player has shared a few snaps of himself and his gorgeous lady on Instagram that suggests the couple share a very special bond between them.

For instance, on Valentine's Day this year, he dedicated a post to her while sharing a series of beautiful snaps taken by photographer Ali Boundy of the couple.

In the first snap of the slide, the two closely sat down on the ground accompanied by their pet dog while Bissonnette put his hands around her shoulders from behind.


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But who actually is his girlfriend? And what is her name? Scroll through as we bring details about his girlfriend, discuss if they are married or not, as well as their interesting relationship facts.

Paul Bissonnette’s Girlfriend’s Name Reportedly Is Kendal Abigail

According to multiple reports, Bissonnette's girlfriend's name is Kendal Abigail. She is also known as Kendal Joseph and originally hails from Akron, Ohio. She is not active on social media and does not belong to the glamour world, which keeps many details about her under wraps.

However, she has a Twitter handle — she joined in February 2015 but has been inactive lately — where her posts from the past show that she used to be a model cocktail server in Las Vegas.

"I came [to Las Vegas] around my 21st birthday and I was like 'Wow,'" Abigail told Las Vegas magazine in June 2016. "I was pretty much mesmerized by how beautiful everything was and how much fun everyone was having. At that moment, I just knew I wanted to be here."

According to the magazine, she moved to Las Vegas in 2009 and subsequently worked as a model cocktail server at one of the most successful nightclubs in the city, Omnia at Caesars Palace, at that time.

But due to her secret lifestyle, her current profession and location have remained a mystery to the public. 

Are Paul Bissonnette and Kendal Abigail Married?

Well, there has been no confirmation from both of them, as well as any verified source that they got married to each other or the two being a husband and wife so far. In fact, Bissonnette once posted a picture of the couple on April 1, 2020, implying that he still was her boyfriend and not married.


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In the post, he referred to himself as the "boyfriend of the year," as he shared two snaps from his vacation with his partner from Miami Beach, Flordia.

Kendal Abigail Helped Paul Bissonnette to Write a Note

Bissonnette, who currently serves as the color analyst for the Arizona Coyotes radio and a host on the Barstool Sports hockey podcast Spittin' Chiclets, thanked his girlfriend through Twitter in February 2020 for helping him write long notes.

"Thank you to my wonderful girlfriend who helped me type out this longer message," the Ontario native wrote while appreciating his long-time partner for the help.

In his tweet, he revealed that he had to write a long message to thank his friend Jeff Jacobson and sports editor Jamie Ross, both of whom visited him for a special interview.