Patrick Peterson and his wife, Dr. Antonique Peterson, have been married since 2012. They are parents of two kids — daughter Paityn and son Parker.

As Peterson's partner is a doctor by profession, she was one of the frontline workers when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out.

She initially worked a twelve-hour shift for six days a week, treating a handful of COVID-19 patients who were mildly affected. 

In May 2020, she was placed in the ICU to treat critically ill patients, where she experienced the perils of the pandemic firsthand.

Patrick Peterson's Wife Worked Tirelessly during Pandemic

When Antonique arrived home from her work, she was not only a doctor but also a mother to two young kids. She handled motherhood and her career. 

"For her to be able to manage all that, it's remarkable," Peterson told the official website of Arizona Cardinals on May 29, 2020.

However, the  NFL player admitted that his partner's situation at work caused his family to go through a "very, very stressful time."

His wife had to remain extra careful, taking necessary precautions after returning from her work at a local hospital.

Peterson supported his spouse's career and made necessary arrangements for her to sanitize properly.

She would go through the garage and backyard to the guesthouse and shower after returning from work. She also had a mini-locker room to put her hospital outfits. 

According to Peterson, his other half educated their daughter Paityn about the seriousness of the situation. She also ensured her husband, who has diabetes, followed extreme precautions to avoid contracting the virus.

Patrick Peterson Called His Wife a Hero

The football player posted a picture of his wife on Instagram on National Doctor's Day dated March 31, 2020.

He paid tribute to her for her selfless service during the pandemic in the caption. "Heroes don't always wear capes," he began his lengthy write-up, adding, "Mine wears a white coat." 

Patrick Peterson's wife Antonique Peterson.

Patrick Peterson called his wife Antonique "a hero" on National Doctor's Day. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Peterson then acknowledged how doctors all across the world were on the front lines helping everyone fight the pandemic.

Toward the end of his writing, Peterson requested everyone to play their part in protecting "our doctors" and people working at the hospitals and medical centers. 

He had shared similar sentiments during an interview with ESPN in June 2020. He stated how carelessness with the guidelines and sanitation would affect everyone in a family.

In his own words, one had to be smart in dealing with the virus, maintaining cleanliness. 

Peterson also mentioned how his family members ensured everyone was safe in their residence. As per his accounts, the Peterson family efficiently followed social distancing guidelines, cleaned the surfaces regularly, and washed their hands as frequently as possible. 

Likewise, his spouse practiced precautionary measures by quarantining in the family's guesthouse until her patients tested negative on the COVID-19 test.

At the end of the interview, Peterson hoped the health crisis would "roll over" soon so that everyone could go back to living a normal life.