"Gabe showed me love does exist, not just in the movies, and it's not as pretty as it looks in the movies," Paris Jackson said of her former boyfriend, Gabriel Glenn. 

But then, time and tide take a toll on the best of us and the worst of us, and everyone in between. 

After dating for two years, Jackson and Glenn parted ways, albeit amicably. 

Paris Jackson Broke up with Her Soulmate 

TMZ broke the news of the breakup in August 2020. 

A source close to the legendary performer's daughter informed the outlet that the breakup was amicable, and neither party held anger or ill will for the other. 

In the couple's Facebook Watch series Unfiltered: Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn (via People), which aired its last episode shortly after announcing their breakup, Jackson said that she considers Glenn as "one of many soulmates."

"I don't think soulmates are specifically just romantic partners," she explained.

She professed that one could have more than one relationship with one's soulmate spanning several lifetimes. 

Paris Jackson Gushing over Boyfriend Gabriel Glenn

In the same docu-series, Jackson gushed about her boyfriend through and through. 

"He makes me not feel as alone. He's had an impact on me and my life and my heart in ways that I cannot even describe. I can't see my life without him."

Almost as if he was foreshadowing the breakup even then, the boyfriend spoke of an agreement that the couple had made early in their relationship. 

"I think we said when we first got together, even if we didn't work out as a couple, we always would want to be in a band together," he shared. "Our music was one thing we wanted to hold on to no matter what."

The source of TMZ suggested it was Jackson who instigated the breakup.

The source also affirmed that the relationship ended because it had run its course, and, in a way, the breakup was something that needed to happen. 

But then again, just because the breakup was amicable doesn't mean that everything went about swimmingly. 

Paris Jackson's Deepest Heartbreak

During an appearance on Red Table Talk with Willow Smith, Jackson admitted that her split from her boyfriend of two years was the deepest heartbreak that the songstress had ever experienced. 

Still, out of that heartbreak, she confessed that she had found her most powerful rebirths. She found her sound. 

Although Jackson picked up on music and songwriting from a really young age, she never really performed or recorded her art before Glenn. 

"It was the deepest that I've loved someone. It was the most intense that I've felt so far," she said. "[It was] the most intense betrayal I've felt so far."

It was this heartbreak that led Jackson to embrace herself as a musician.

Even though she was still a little intimidated to perform under the standards that her late father had set, she was more certain of the fact that her father would be proud of the woman she'd become.