Like many other actors like him in the industry, The Office star Oscar Nunez has chosen to keep his personal life tightly under wraps.

But, just like with other popular names, there are a few slips here and there that have given avid fans an idea about his life as a family man. 

Is Oscar Nunez Married?

Nunez has been married to his wife Ursula Whittaker for just over a decade now, and the couple even shares an eight-year-old daughter. 

In October 2012, E! News got word from one of Nunez's reps, confirming that the actor and his wife had welcomed a baby girl into their family on October 4, 2012. 

The outlet disclosed the couple named their first-born daughter August Lace. Lace was born in Los Angeles. Not much else is known about the actor's daughter, much like his relationship with his wife.

Going by Nunez's IMDb page, he and Whittaker were dating for a long time before the two got engaged on December 17, 2010. The couple exchanged their vows on May 21, the subsequent year. 

The page also noted that he was married to a woman named Carla prior to his commitment to Whittaker, but they got divorced. However, no other details regarding their relationship were mentioned.

Whittaker Is an Actress Too

While her husband is a famous star, Whittaker is also a celebrity in her own right. Like her husband, she is an actor who has starred in about two dozen titles over the span of her career. 

She is best known for her work in titles like Veep, Grey's Anatomy, Veronica Mars, Medical Investigation, Bold Native, and Boob Jobs & Jesus. Unfortunately, she seems to have retired from the industry as her last acting credit came in 2016.

According to her IMDb bio, the actress was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Albeit, her birthdate is still a mystery. She was born to former producer Chris Whittaker. She is also the granddaughter of Academy Award-winning screenwriter Harry Brown.

The actress graduated from the University of Southern California, with a B.A. in American literature and a minor in film/TV. She had also written and performed stand-up comedy for several years, and her work as a monologist has been published in The Los Angeles Times. 

Apart from being an actor, a comic, and a published writer, she is also a director. Whittaker made her directorial debut in the comedic short film Boob Jobs & Jesus. The short film was adapted from one of her feature-length scripts, which was a derivative of her one-act play. 

Whittaker also had a considerable career in theatre acting. She was reportedly a member of Theatre Neo in Los Angeles and performed in plays like Your Mother's Butt by Alan Ball, Big Mistake by Theresa Rebeck, Coming Attractions by Ted Tally, and her one-act play, Boob Jobs & Jesus.

Her most recognized work in theatre to date was in Thomas Babe's Taken in Marriage, directed by Emmy Award-Winning Actress Dorothy Lyman.