British actress Olivia Colman is a mother to her three kids. She is happily settled with her husband Ed Sinclair and her kids in South London.

The actress married her husband Sinclair in 2001 after dating him for a lengthy period.

Olivia Colman Keeps Her Kids Away from Spotlight

She became a mother for the first time in 2005 after her elder son Fin Sinclair was born. Similarly, her younger son Hall Sinclair was born in 2007.

In 2015, the actress was pregnant with her third child while busy filming her television series The Night Manager, which premiered in 2016. 

Colman gave birth to a baby daughter before the filming of the show could wrap.

But unfortunately, the name and whereabouts of the actress's daughter remain publicly unknown as of this writing.

Additionally, not much is known about her two sons either. The scarce information regarding her family and children is mainly due to Colman's private nature.

During her 2015 chat with Vogue, Colman addressed the subject and remarked people's habit of staring at her popular face in public to being "weird."

Also, she firmly stated her wish to maintain a private life with her husband and kids, who, according to Colman, provide her with "a perfect refuge," from the intruding world.

Actress Olivia Colman Is Married to Ed Sinclair

Colman, popular for her work in acclaimed television shows like The Favorite and The Crown, married her husband, Sinclair, after stalking him for a while.

The couple met for the first time while performing in Floodlight's production called Table Manners.

Talking exclusively to National Theatre recently in 2021, the actress opened up about her early days while she was in love with Sinclair, her then-husband-to-be.

During the conversation, Colman did not shy away from sharing the details of her intimate relationship with her husband.

Colman confessed to having "stalked" Sinclair for "around six weeks," way before their relationship was even close to getting started.

Per the actress, she was driven to pursue the love of her life.

Her determination made her go to extreme lengths and do things such as memorizing Sinclair's daily timetable, including his dressing time of three hours and learning the lyrics of the songs he liked.

According to Colman, her commitment to be in a relationship with her writer husband was more than "I've ever show in any acting job."

Colman Ran off with Sinclair

In the chat hosted by Rufus Norries, Colman revealed to have asked her current husband to "run off with me." Her ultimate aim was to settle down with Sinclair.

The couple then moved to Bristol city to make a career in drama and acting. 

Firstly Sinclair and then Colman got admitted into the prestigious Bristol Old Vic. Prior to his admission to the prestigious drama school, Sinclair was studying law at Cambridge University.

Their decision paid off as Colman is now an acclaimed actress while her husband Sinclair is a literary writer currently represented by Curtis Brown, a talent and literary agency.