In love with the kitchen since she was a little girl, Chef Nyesha J. Arrington has been cooking since the age of five alongside her Korean grandmother, Ai-Soon Lee.

Arrington was raised in a multi-cultural household in Southern California and was exposed to a variety of delicacies as a child, including bulgogi, octopus, and homemade kimchi.

Thanks to these first stages of culinary experiences early in her life, she has created a unique style by integrating flavors and cooking styles from around the globe.

Nyesha Arrington parents

Nyesha Arrington With Her Parents (Source: Arrington's Instagram)

Arrington's important career step took her to the one person who would alter her life and assist her professional aspirations to become a reality.

Arrington graduated from the acclaimed Culinary School at the Art Institute of California in Los Angeles in 2001.

Chef/Owner Josiah Citrin of the renowned 2 Michelin Star Mélisse restaurant in Santa Monica, California, became her ultimate guru.

He carefully mentored her, further improving her raw talent. Citrin would later assign Arrington to help open two of his restaurants in Santa Monica.

Nyesha Arrington’s Parents and Age

Arrington, whose current age is 39, comes from a musical family; her father and sister are musicians.

Her father, John Edward Arrington, is a bassist, and her sister, Janet Lee Arrington, is a drummer. Sophia Yvonne Arrington, her mother, is a seamstress who expresses herself through her creative work.

Arrington doesn’t hold back in showing gratitude to her parents. She says that her dad is her "hero and best friend" in an interview with Half Korean.

She also took to social media to thank her mother for holding the family together and making everyone sit together for dinner.

The Top Chef star comes from a long lineage of chefs and cooks. Her grandfather was a cook in the Korean War, where he met her grandmother Ai-soon.

Arrington has her own line of sauce, which she named after her grandmother, hinting at the inspiration behind it.

"There is a legacy behind this sauce. I made a piece of my family to share with yours—it’s a love-language thing," told Arrington to a Clean Eating Mag reporter.

Before discovering that she had a knack for making exceptional dishes, Arrington aspired to learn everything relating to art. S

he took on various hobbies like sculpting, watercolor, and photography classes.

This effect of her early endeavors is reflected in her approach to cooking. "Every plate is like a canvas," says Arrington.

She denotes that her curiosity with art at a young age helped her develop her use of color, texture, and composition in her dishes.

Does Nyesha Arrington Have a Husband?

As per Half Korean, when asked about whether she has a husband or looking to get married, Arrington said that she doesn’t have much time to go out and meet new people and that she is very single.

She has also hinted about not having a husband in a PopSugar interview. "Personally as a single woman, I like to cook food that lasts me a while," remarked Arrington.

"If I'm going to cook, I'm cooking cooking. I'm going to make food for the week," she added.

This shows that Arrington currently doesn’t have a husband and there is no information regarding if she is looking to get married anytime soon.