Noel Clarke is married to his wife, Iris Da Silva.

Despite being a household name in the world of British television, surprisingly little is known about the actor's life after the cameras stop rolling. 

He rarely talks about his wife on his social media handles and during interviews.

That being said, Clarke doesn't miss a single chance he gets to gush over the three wonderful children he shares with his wife. 


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More often than not, he makes posts featuring his little ones and is vocal about his love for them in the captions. 

Everything Noel Clarke Does Is for His Kids

Take, for instance, the post he uploaded on Instagram on September 5, 2019.

The post came with a picture taken outside the castle in Disney World Orlando with Clarke and all three of his children turning their backs to the camera.

Although the picture was adorable, the caption was where Clarke's fatherly love was truly expressed. 

Right off the bat, he announced that everything he did was for his kids and that there was nothing more important to him in the world.

"When you see me working 24/7 and not able to come and see you. it's beacsue [sic] I'm doing it for them," he shared further, "The few times i miss a deadline or you don't think I'm working enough. It's because I'm with them."

Later on, he penned, "This is my Family. I love them."

Noel Clarke and his kids visited Disney World Orlando

Noel Clarke and his kids visited Disney World Orlando. (Source: Instagram)

As he was bringing the heartfelt caption to a close, he shared his hopes for everyone who read that post to be able to have the same love and dedication for their family because it was a "beautiful thing." 

Noel Clarke Makes Time for His Kids

On a similar note, the Viewpoint star shared a slideshow of him and his children making the most of the snow. His kids rode a sleigh as he pulled them forward, turn by turn. 

Again, in the caption, he shared his fatherly wisdom. 

No matter what. You have to make time for your little ones. That’s the only thing that’s matters.

He explained how it was easy to lose oneself in work and handling the situations one is presented to in life. He, himself, felt as though he was battling an entire industry daily. 

But then again, when he got back home, he realized that whatever battles he fought — right or wrong — it was all for his children. 

Noel Clarke and his children playing in the snow.

Clarke and his children playing in the snow. (Source: Instagram)

At the end of the day, for him, it was about loving his children and letting them know that they are loved.

Noel Clarke Grew Up Without a Father

While Clarke has been trying hard to be the best father he can be, he didn't have his father around in his formative years. 

His parents split shortly after he was born in December 1975. His father, Alf, was a carpenter and his mother, Gemma, was a nurse. After the split, he stayed with his mother. 

In an article for The Guardian, he shared that his mom fulfilled the role of both father and mother while working full-time jobs.

Without question, he has immense respect for his mother; even more now that he and his wife became parents.

In the same piece, he revealed that he reconnected with his estranged father at his wife's behest. His wife encouraged him to rekindle that relationship, and he was admittedly happy with the way things worked out.