Skateboarder and TV daredevil Bam Margera was busy having fun with son Phoenix Wolf in the woods on a recent Instagram video. 

Margera was at a photoshoot for Psychworld on White Trash Tyler's premises and took his son over for company.

In true Margera fashion, the father-son duo found something not-so-safe yet incredibly fun to pass the time: a mini go-kart. 

Racing Through!

The Jackass star took to his Instagram on May 22, 2021, to share a video of him and his son having a blast racing the corridors of Tyler's office. 

Margera took the wheel as his son was tucked in between his father and the steering with a smartphone in his hands. 


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As the two sped and drifted through the tiled floor, the toddler yelled, "Get out of the way!" and soon had his father screaming the same.

Like Father, Like Son

This was not the first time that Margera and his only son were seen together having stupid fun. Just this May, the television star shared a clip of him and his son playing in a bouncy castle. 


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Although the younger daredevil slammed his head against the castle walls on the way down, he couldn't help but laugh out loud, much like his dad. 

Phoenix on a Skateboard

The pro-skater even managed to drum up some headlines back in January when Phoenix had his first run-in with skateboarding.

Young Phoenix tore up his first parking lot, and Margera, being the proud father he is, flaunted the little one's moves with his 2.2 million followers. 

The video saw Margera teaching his son to stand and maintain balance on the skateboard while he provided the board with its initial momentum. 


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It seems like the apple didn't fall far from the tree. Within no time, Phoenix found his balance on the board and let out an adorable "woah!" 

However, that is to be expected. He had his pro-skater father teaching him the ropes while the Jackass favorite Steve-O was cheering him on from behind the lens. 

Finding Love

The skateboarder and his model and photographer missus, Nichole Boyd, first announced Phoneix's arrival on an Instagram post in June 2017. 

By the end of the year, Phoenix was already in his parents' arms.


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Margera and Boyd tied the knot with an all-out Icelandic wedding at the Random Hero Festival in Reykjavik, Iceland, on Saturday, October 5, 2013. 

The couple has had a few rough patches over the years. Still, as of this writing, he is happily married and a proud father.