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On November 18, 2021, TikToker Nickolas Ray's life turned upside down after fellow TikToker, Noor Dabash accused him of sexual assault. 

Dabash, who goes by "noordabashh" on TikTok, uploaded a video on TikTok with text overlay that read, "I heard we are exposing manipulative r*p*sts." 

In the caption, she wrote, "Hey @Nickolas, who are else are you gonna tell I'm lying? I was 17, you were 21."

After the video, she took to Twitter and delved into the details of the rape allegations

Dabash shared she had been intoxicated for a week before the TikTok star sexually assaulted her on July 5. 

She added that she was not completely unconscious, but it was enough to affect her decision-making ability. 

According to her, Ray "pinned [her and proceeded to r*pe [her]."

Nickolas Ray's Response to the Sexual Assault Allegations

Shortly after Dabash's sexual assault accusations, Ray who goes by "nickolas_ray" on TikTok, uploaded a video on TikTok in response to the situation. 

He stated that he badly wanted to discuss the situation but was refraining from doing so because he couldn't. 

But on February 28, 2022, the TikTok star finally addressed the matter in-depth with a three-part TikTok video. 

He said that Dabash's statement had a lot of "holes, inconsistencies, and lies" and clarified that he was not even with her on the day of the incident. 

Ray explained he was at the gym while Dabash was at a party she threw, and before that, she was at a music video shoot. 

He then showed a picture of Dabash at the shoot, although it was unclear. 

As for the inconsistencies in Dabash's statements, he showed a screenshot of her comment where she said that the incident took place in June even though she previously said it was July 5. 

But he acknowledged Dabash was telling the truth about the panic attack.

However, the panic attack had happened weeks before the supposed date, and it was mild. 

Ray had comforted Dabash, after which they kissed, and everything was normal between them.

Noor Dabash Tried to Sleep With Nickolas Ray

As per Ray, after that panic attack, Dabash continuously tried to hook up with him and would get extremely upset with him when he did not want to do anything sexual.

Noor Dabash response to Nickolas Ray sexual assault allegation video

Noor Dabash's response to Nickolas Ray's sexual assault allegation video (Source:tiktokinsiders/Instagram)

Dabash would tell him to "man the [expletive] up," and it eventually got to where she would try to sleep with him while he was blackout drunk. 

At one point, she went as far as dragging Ray's friend out from his bed and asking him to leave when the TikToker was blacked out drunk because "she wanted some [expletive]."

"I was completely passed out and in no position to decide or consent to anything and had made it abundantly clear prior that I did not want to do anything with her," said Ray. 

He also noted that multiple people can confirm this and that the accusation started after Ray told Dabash that he only wanted to be friends with her.

Dabash has since responded to Ray's video claiming that her DMs had been flooded with hurtful comments. 

The TikToker stood by her statement and iterated she did not own anyone "receipts/proof" of the sexual assault. 

She just wanted to move on from the traumatic experience.