Ndamukong Suh and his wife, Katya Suh, have been together since college. But they have always kept their relationship on the down-low.

Their wedding was not any different. The couple married in a ceremony with no one but their pastor and a cameraman.

Ndamukong Suh and Wife Katya Suh’s Pandemic-Style Wedding

Ndamukong and Katya married on May 23, 2020, while the pandemic was in full rage. Presumably for everyone's safety, including their own, they had a non-traditional wedding.

For their wedding, as their minute-long wedding movie showed, they arrived at the New Sonic Community Church in their Mercedes. They did not even bother with designer dresses for the occasion.

Ndamukong Suh with wife Katya Suh on their wedding day.

Ndamukong Suh with wife Katya Suh on their wedding day. (Photo: Ndamukong Suh/Instagram)

Instead, they wore sweatpants and hoodies with matching designs. However, she still kept a bit of tradition going, wearing white sweatpants and a hoodie, with designs in gold.

Ndamukong's clothes were in purple with designs in white. Both wore matching sneakers to top off their look for the special day.

The next scene in the video shows them standing in front of each other with their priest officiating the wedding.

They weren't really alone, though. In a stand in front of them, there was a phone. Their close friends and family were in attendance through Zoom.

Their vows were simple and to the point, at least in the version shown in the video.

"Katya, I absolutely love you. This has been a fun experience in life together for a long time," he said to his wife, to which she nodded with an emotional expression.

"Ndamukong, you are my best friend," said Katya on her turn. "And I promise to be able to be by your side."

After this, they performed some rituals, and thus their wedding ended. The video concluded as the married pair posed in front of their jeep after the ceremony.

Ndamukong Suh and Katya Suh’s Family Life

Ndamukong first met his wife at the University of Nebraska in 2009. Their relationship began as a friendship and only later became something more.

In Katya's view, they grew up together. They moved in together in 2018, and things moved quickly from hereon.

By the spring of 2019, the couple was engaged, and then came the wedding, which she called a "not-so-traditional COVID sweatpants-and-hoodie Zoom call wedding."

As she told People in December 2020, they felt like their small wedding with just their close ones had brought things full circle.

They were already expecting kids by December that year.


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The NFL star and his wife again chose a digital medium to reveal the news of them expecting twins to their loved ones.

They sent boxes with T-shirts with twins' news on them to their parents and relatives. Then, they asked them to open them on FaceTime to see their reactions.

Their kids — Kingston and Khari — arrived on March 23, 2021. She called them "TWO of the best gifts" of her life a month after their arrival.

They started a family before their first anniversary. And both of them were happy at how their life together had started, something they expressed on their first anniversary posts.