Is Naomi Cambell's boyfriend the father of her baby?

In May 2021, Campbell announced she had welcomed her first child. She posted a photo of her daughter’s cute little feet in her palm, which has since been deleted. 

“A beautiful little blessing has chosen me to be her mother. So honored to have this gentle soul in my life there are no words to describe the lifelong bond that I now share with you my angel. There is no greater love,” she wrote in the caption.

She did not reveal any other details surrounding the birth, which left everyone shocked and confused because no one knew she was pregnant. 

The tabloids suspected the baby was adopted because the model was 51, at an age where getting pregnant is difficult. 

People wonder if Naomi Campbell's boyfriend is the father of her baby

People wonder if Naomi Campbell's boyfriend is the father of her baby. (Source: Instagram)

But she later clarified to British Vogue that the baby was hers and added she could count on one hand the number of people who knew she was pregnant. People were also curious about the identity of the baby’s father.

Naomi Campbell’s Secret Boyfriend

Everyone wanted to know if her boyfriend was the father, but Campbell, who has always been private about her life, did not confirm it.  

According to The Sun, Campbell was reported to have been living with and dating the unidentified man since 2019. She was also with him at the time of her daughter’s birth.

The identity of her secret boyfriend has not been disclosed, and it is unclear if they are still together or if he is the father of her daughter.


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During her interview with British Vogue, she noted she did not owe anyone any explanation regarding the birth of the father of the baby. Before becoming a mother, she had opened up about motherhood and kids in 2016.

She told Evening Standard about how she thought about having children all the time, but thankfully, with science, she could wait. 

When asked if she would raise her kid alone, she replied, “No. I want a father figure. I think it’s important.”

It is worth noting that Campbell was raised alone by her mother and did not have a father growing up. And if her statements are any clue, her boyfriend might be the baby’s father. 

Naomi Campbell Shut Down Pregnancy Rumors

In August 2018, there were rumors that Campbell was pregnant with Grime artist Skepta’s baby. 


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Skepta confirmed he was having his first child after posting a picture of ultrasound in July 2018. The baby scan revealed the face of the tiny unborn tot.

His fans congratulated him and wanted to know who his mother was. Many suspected it might be the supermodel, but the former couple had broken up in April 2018.

Netizens thought the couple had probably rekindled their romance and gotten pregnant, but Campbell shut down the rumors before they could escalate. 

The supermodel posted a sizzling bikini picture on Instagram, which has since been deleted. Campbell was clearly not pregnant, and that was enough to shut down the rumors. 

Besides, sources close to Campbell had told The Sun that she was keen to distance herself from Skepta or anything news related to him since they were over for months.