Nadine Coyle is a famous musician with various hit songs. She started her career in the early 2000s and has been active ever since.

However, the singer started her career with a lie about her age. It was 2001 when she was attending Thornhill College.

There, she came across the Irish version of the talent show, Popstars and wanted to participate. So, she took part in the competition and even won a place in the band called Six.

However, it was later revealed that she lied her way into the reality TV show and had started her career with a facade.

Nadine Coyle's Lie About Her Age

As said before, Coyle joined the Irish version of Popstars in 2001. One needed to be at least 18 years old to join the show.

Unfortunately, Coyle was just 16 at the time and could not participate. But since she was desperate, she lied about her age and said she was 18 years old.

She was caught saying the lie on camera and was asked to prove her age. She was asked to show her passport to prove that she was actually 18 years old and not 16.

The singer said she had her passport with her and pretended to search for it. However, she could not find it and claimed that she could not prove her age.

She also pretended to be confused the entire time and even called her mother back home to ask about her birth date. People behind the camera tried to convince her she should have at least known her date of birth.

Nadine Coyle told a lie about her age on 'Popstars' to join the competition

Nadine Coyle told a lie about her age on 'Popstars' to join the competition. (Source: Instagram)

However, Coyle pretended she did not know the year and looked confused. Linda Martin, one of the show's judges, then questioned the singer about her age and passport.

She talked with Coyle and said she would be disheartened to make her leave after her time in Popstars.

The latter explained her parents were coming to her and helping her find the passport since she might have left it in their car.

Martin then asked how Coyle could have made a mistake regarding her own birthday. The singer answered she was nervous about everything that was going around.

Coyle was adamant that she was 18 and deserved to be in Popstars. But when the cameras were not rolling, she confessed to Martin that she was actually 16 years old and everything she said before was a lie.


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She then told the truth about her age to her bandmates, after which she was asked to leave the competition and go home.

The Ghost of Her Past

It has been two decades since the incident, but still, Coyle is often teased about it. In an interview with Metro UK in November 2021, she talked about how she has become a meme and people won't let go of her lie.

She explained a situation when a person threw their actual passport at her on stage. She was performing in Belfast, and it was very normal for her fans and audience to throw stuff on the stage.

However, she did not expect people to throw their real passports at her. She clarified it was not a fake one and "not one they’ve made for the night."

She further said, "I still can’t even mention the word passport anymore without it turning into a whole thing." But, regardless of all fun and games, Coyle does not mind the experience.

She knew she was young, and despite being kicked out of the competition, she could continue with her music career. She is simply glad that "it all worked out in the end."