MrBeast came under fire after uploading his “$10,000 Every Day You Survive Prison” video on YouTube.

The video, which has amassed over 39 million views in just over two weeks, documents a participant taking on a challenge where he will be rewarded $10,000 for everyday he spends in isolation.

The challenge started easy, with many things to do, including playing basketball, pool, musical instruments, etc. However, an item would be taken away from the room.

The video was just one of many of MrBeast’s ridiculous video ideas, many of which documents him, his friends, and participants taking on crazy challenges.

However, while the video was very entertaining and received much love from fans, not everyone was happy with it.

Many people came forward to accuse the YouTuber of endangering the participant’s mental health. Several people made allegations that his video was “promoting solitary confinement.”

They also added that solitary confinement resulted in various mental problems for prisoners, including psychosis, memory loss, and suicidal thoughts.

MrBeast Challenge Winner Speaks Against Allegations

The accusations gained much attention, and several internet personalities discussed the topic. Charles Peralo, a popular TikTok personality, also covered it.

In a short TikTok video, Peralo outlined the accusations and noted they were misguided. Especially because the participant, named Josh, could physically interact with people and talk to MrBeast and his team whenever he wanted.

Peralo further added that it wasn’t the first time MrBeast had come under fire for his video, as he had previously landed in hot water for his “$456,000 Squid Game In Real Life” video.

Peralo ended his TikTok video by saying, “people just need to learn to relax,” explaining how the previous act of comparing MrBeast to the elite from Squid Game was ridiculous.

Josh shared Peralo’s video and shut down the allegations of MrBeast endangering his mental health personally.

“I can assure you that they had people watching over me 24/7,” he said.

“They made sure I wasn’t in any danger, physically or mentally, they had everything taken care of. It was a great opportunity for me to relax a little bit.”

Josh Proposed after the Challenge

After taking on the challenge, Josh managed to stick it out for over three weeks. Most of the things present in the challenge room were taken away and the only things left were the bed and a guitar.

And on day 22, Josh smashed his guitar as he had nothing else to do and received a big surprise. A $100,000 cheque was hidden inside the musical instrument.

Combining his daily reward of $10,000, the $100,000 cheque, as well as other awards he had won, Josh earned $340,000 by the end of the video.

MrBeast challenge winner Josh proposed to his girlfriend at the end of the video

MrBeast challenge winner Josh proposed to his girlfriend at the end of the video. (Source: YouTube)

However, the video didn’t end there. It also documented Josh proposing to his girlfriend with a $20,000 ring, which he had sent Chris and Chandler to get while he was in isolation.

“On a real note, though, I have been wanting to propose to Kenna for years now,” he said. “Being trapped in here made me realize how valuable time is, and I’m just done waiting.”

Josh and his girlfriend were then joined by their family to celebrate the occasion.