Morwenna Banks and her husband, David Baddiel, have been together for decades. 

Banks, who voices Mummy Pig in the TV cartoon Peppa Pigmet her husband in the 90s when they appeared on a BBC show called The Book Quiz

They hit it off instantly and later appeared together in Baddiel’s 2001 show Syndrome. Then, in 2017, the long-time couple finally got married in Nevada. 

The couple has two children, Dolly and Ezra. In 2015, The Guardian reported the whole family lived together in London. 

According to Cornwall Live, they also have a home on the Lizard peninsula in southern Cornwall. The family often works with each other on different projects. 


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Banks and her husband wrote, produced, and appeared in the British ensemble film The Announcement, while both their children have been featured in Baddiel’s work, Fame: Not the Musical. 

Morwenna Banks’ Husband Loves Being Married to Her

Banks is a British comedy actress, writer, and producer, while Baddiel is an acclaimed children’s author. His best-selling books include The Parent Agency, Head Kid, and The Person Controller.

Despite the difference in their career choices, the duo has a lot in common. 

Both of them love comedy and laughing together, and according to Baddiel, it was essential to making their marriage work. 

“Its great being married to a fellow comic—we laugh at the same things, which I think is essential to making a marriage work. Sometimes Morwenna calls friends and leaves a message in her Mummy Pig voice for their children,” said Baddiel. 

During an interview with the Telegraph in December 2021, Baddiel shared he and his wife had the best relationship. 

Morwenna Banks and her husband at premiere of Slow Horses

Morwenna Banks and her husband at the premiere of Slow Horses. (Source: David Baddiel/Instagram)

The author noted his wife was his best friend, and the notion your partner or spouse should be with someone you get on with was quite new.

He explained his parents were really different and had nothing in common. 

His dad was a “very male, Welsh, working-class but brilliant bloke, a no-nonsense scientist,” while his mum was a “crazy, over-romantic refugee who fled the Nazis.”

But his parents got together when they were young in the 1960s because, according to Baddiel, that was what people did. 

“I don’t understand how you could share a house or a life with someone unless they make you laugh,” said the author. 

Morwenna Banks’ Daughter’s Battle With Anorexia

But as much as Banks and her husband enjoy each other’s company, they have also gone through some tough times. 

In December 2021, Baddiel and his daughter, Dolly, opened up about her battle with anorexia

The older daughter admitted that while her condition was not caused by social media, it was exacerbated by it. 

“In 2017, when I was 15, I was very sick for about three years with anorexia. I think social media made it much more difficult to recover,” said Dolly. 

Baddiel, too, shared he felt hopeless at not being able to do anything to help as he watched his daughter fight the eating disorder. 

“I was pained. I could tell it was causing you pain,” said Baddiel. 

The father-daughter duo spoke about battling the condition at lengths in the BBC documentary David Baddiel: Social Media, Anger And Us. 

Baddiel hoped the documentary encouraged different generations to have conversations about the eating disorder.