Earlier this year, the Real Housewives of Potomac alum Monique Samuels and her husband Chris Samuels celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary.

While Chris makes it a point to celebrate his wife and their marriage every chance he gets, the doting husband never really thought he was cut out for marriage. 

He had seen more than a few marriages end in tragic tales and did not have much, if any, faith in the institution. It actually took him three "signs from God" to get him to tie the knot.

How Monique Samuels Met Her Husband

This was all the way back to 2003 when the former NFL player had been playing for the Redskins for three years. Chris was thinking of dipping his toes in the music scene, and an associate introduced him to Monique Cox, then a 19-year-old aspiring hip-hop artist. 

As per The Washington Post, Chris met Monique for the first time at the Shark Club in Centreville, and just after they'd exchanged pleasantries, the baller asked, "You got a man?" 

Admittedly, Monique was a bit intimidated, and so she replied with just a nod. Today, in retrospect, Chris cannot believe the boldness with which he said, 

Well, you’ve got to excuse me then.  ’Cause I’m real aggressive when I see something I like.

Monique Samuels & Her Boyfriend Were Like Two Peas in a Pod

Well, their musical partnership went nowhere, but they stayed in touch for a good three years before Monique was single again. 

By late 2005, Chris and Monique were hanging out, clubbing, and partying together. They ended up becoming the best of buddies. At this point, Monique had let go of her musical pursuits and become a real estate appraiser with a flexible schedule.

Of course, in the off-season, the NFL star also had enough time to kill, and so they were constantly together. A year went by like this when Monique realized what she felt for Chris went well beyond friendship. 

I started thinking about how it would it be if he wasn’t in my life, and I couldn’t imagine it. I was like, Wow. He’s such a good guy. I could really be with him.

However, she shied away from confessing her true feelings because she thought she might scare him off. Little did she know that a month later, he'd be the one to confess his love for her. 

Monique Samuels Began Thinking of a Wedding

A few more years just flew by. Chris and Monique were together, but now the reality star was toying with thoughts of marriage. When she brought it up with her boyfriend, he'd say something like, 

People always push you to get married when they think you’re ready. Then all of a sudden you jump in, and you’re like, 'Oh, man, what did I just do?'

By the time 2010 rolled in, Chris had to retire because of a neck injury, and because he had stepped out of the game, his life had turned calmer and more stable. 

In the months that followed, he had two dreams that steered him towards marriage, but he was still not sure.

So, on December 30, 2010, he asked God one more time, "All right, Lord, I know you're probably laughing. You've already given me two answers in two dreams. I just need one more confirmation from you."

God Guided Chris Samuels to Marry

In his dream, he wandered into Club Trinity, where three young women convinced him to tie the knot. When he asked Monique what the word "trinity" meant, she explained that in Christianity, it referred to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Chris had his answer. 

On the first night of 2011, he explained his dream to Monique and confessed, "I'm ready to do what I'm supposed to do." 

Tears of joy rolling down her face, Monique said, "Of course." And the rest, as they say, is history. 

They tied the knot in a March wedding in 2011 and have since welcomed three children: sons Christopher and Chase; and a daughter Milani, into their family.