Molly Yeh made it big in the blogosphere with her blog: My Name Is Yeh, where she'd share pictures of her colorful desserts and how they could make some of those for themselves. 

Every once in a while fans would catch mentions here and there of this Eggboy character.

Sometimes there would be this one guy featured in one picture, other times, it'd be the same face all over a photo dump. 

If you're a regular or even an occasional Yea reader, you know who Eggboy is.

Eggboy is a moniker that Yeh's husband Nick Hagen earned for his undying love of eggs, of which he ate "gazillions" of every day. It might be an exaggeration, but we'll take Yeh's word for it. 

Molly Yeh Introduced Readers to Eggboy

Yeh once took the time to introduce her readership to her husband, albeit they were not yet married back when she wrote that article. 

Just as she got ready to introduce her husband, she understood why people unloaded indescribable amounts of pictures of their cats to anyone and everyone.

She had the urge to go on and on about all of her husband's habits. 

She wanted to share everything about Hagen, about how he ate all the crusts off of entire loaves of bread so that she could have all the doughy parts. 

She went on about how his music would make her cry tears of joy. In favor of not giving away too much, she divided her blog into chunks of questions centered around him. 

On How Molly Yeh Met Her Husband

Sparing the story of how his name came to be Eggboy, the article further outlined how Yeh met her husband for the first time(s). 

They didn't exactly have a memorable first encounter. Both of them went to The Julliard School; they'd see each other and occasionally waved hello at one another in the cafeteria. 

Eventually, they became good friends, talking about all sorts of things. In her words, 

Once we had a conversation about the difference between skinny fat and fat skinny. Another time we had a conversation about bikes. That was it though because then he went away... but a few years later he came back! And we've been oogly moogly kind of since.

Molly Yeh & Husband Live Away from the Hustling City Life

Yeh revealed to The New York Times that she didn't get sweaty palms or butterflies when she first began dating Hagen. Instead, she felt a sense of calmness. 

In the same interview, she recalled their first date: a bike ride from Boerum Hill to Rockaway Beach to watch the sunrise.

But how did Yeh know for sure that this was her man? She believed she was the best version of herself when she was with him. 

"We talked and talked and talked, and I thought, 'I could be trapped on a deserted island with him and never get bored,'" she confessed. 

Not long after, they went on a trip to Hagen's parents' farm in East Grand Forks, Minn., where she fell in love with the open prairie.

They'd been together for a year when they decided to leave the hustle and bustle of NYC and move closer to family. 

They moved to the farm in 2013 and got married the following year, on December 27, 2014.