Popular Twitch streamer Mizkif uploaded a video on YouTube titled ‘Our First Day as Parents’ on June 19, 2022.

He was rocking a non-human baby, which he later revealed was expensive and only people in the medical field could get their hands on it. 

“This baby is very serious. It knows when it’s being touched by humans, it knows exactly what it wants, and if I’m talking too loud, the baby can cry,” explained Mizkif.

The baby was crucial to Mizkif and Alinity’s new parenting challenge. For one week, the duo would take care of the baby that died if it didn’t get attention for 15 minutes. 

Mizkif and Alinity during the new baby challenge

Mizkif and Alinity during the new baby challenge. (Source: YouTube)

The baby also had a feature that showed whether it was being abused, and if that happened, it sent out an alert indicating the person had lost the challenge.

If the baby died while it was with Mizkif, he owed Alinity 1,000 subs on Twitch and vice versa. 

Alinity Fooled Mizkif and Others with Baby Prank

Previously, during their joint broadcast, Alinity had fooled Mizkif and his entire chat into thinking she was pregnant. 

The female streamer shared that someone had asked her if she was pregnant online, to which she replied “yes.”

Her response shocked Mizkif, who suspected she might be tricking him. 

“I’m old enough to have a baby, what’s the problem with it? Dude, I’m totally showing a little,” Alinity retorted. 

Mizkif did not believe her and explained he knew when she was lying, and it looked like she was lying about her random out-of-nowhere pregnancy news.

But Alinity kept up her ruse, piquing the interests of Mizkif’s Twitch chat. They asked her who the father was, to which she jokingly replied she “didn’t know who the dad was” but had six potential people on her mind. 

She said she was very happy because now she could “make even more content!” before the baby was born. Mizkif then asked her to pinky swear she was not trolling — and that’s when she dropped the act.

Alinity Claimed Mizkif Was the Father on Her Twitter Pregnancy Announcement

That was not the only time Alinity threw the internet for a loop. 

After fooling Mizkif and his entire chat, she continued the gag via Twitter. 

She uploaded a photo of her pregnant belly and tagged Mizkif and asking him to be ready to become a dad. 

Meanwhile, Mizkif, who was shocked, tagged Alinity in his reply with a bunch of question marks. 

Her fake protruding belly, probably achieved with a false silicone belly, went viral and had fans and streamers reacting to it. 

Many jokingly congratulated the “new parents,” while some made fun of the duo.

YouTube star streamer Valkyrae congratulated the couple under Mizkif’s reply, while the gothic streamer sus_jpg jokingly asked if she could keep the placenta after the baby was born.