Missy Franklin and her husband, Hayes Johnson, have been a married couple since they tied the knot on September 14, 2019.

In August 2021, the couple extended their family, as they welcomed their first child together: a daughter, Sarah Caitlin Johnson.

Speaking of this family, it all started when Franklin and her husband first met back in 2010.

At the time, the Olympic gold medalist was 15-year-old while Johnson, a president at Swimmingly, was 20.

Missy Franklin and Husband’s First Meeting

Franklin and her husband revealed how they first met while replying to her follower’s questions on Instagram stories in April 2020.

“How did you guys meet?!” a follower asked.

After disclosing the couple’s age at the time of their meeting, the five-time Olympic gold medalist then shared that she came across her now-spouse when a friend suggested she should ask him for a dance-off at the Golden Goggle Awards.

“So 15 years old, I just walked up to him, a hunk of a 20-year-old…‘I challenge you to a dance-off.’ And he was like, really cute,” she said.

Afterward, they started as friends and saw each other every two months for the next two years. But they also stayed out of contact for five years after seeing one another at the Olympic trials in 2012.

Getting Back Again

In the same series of stories, the couple went on to reveal that they got back again circa 2016, after Johnson reached out to her.

During that time, she said she was going through a very hard phase and experienced a lot in the past year.

But he contacted her, knowing she was not doing well, and asked how she was doing and if she needed anything.

“We Facetimed two nights later for two and half hours. And that was it,” they shared.

Missy Franklin’s Engagement and Wedding with Husband

Around two years after their reunion, Johnson went down on his knees to pop up the question. And without a second thought, Franklin said yes.

She later announced the engagement through her Instagram on September 23, 2018, as she shared a couple of snaps and a heartwarming caption.

“Thank you for making this the easiest answer to any question I’ve ever been asked. Yes. Yes. Yes. A million times over,” her caption briefly read.

Missy Franklin's husband Hayes Johnson proposed to her in September 2018.

Missy Franklin's husband Hayes Johnson proposed to her in September 2018. (Photo: Instagram)

Franklin also thanked him for making the proposal night the “best of my life” and being “the most thoughtful and loving man” she had ever known.

In September 2019 came the wedding announcement, as she took to Instagram to share the wedding picture. She wore a white bridal gown on that special day, while her husband dressed in a black suit.

Missy Franklin and Hayes Johnson A Happy Family Now

Franklin and Johnson, both of who are former swimmers, are presently enjoying their time as a family.

The couple, especially Franklin, often shares pictures of the beautiful family on social media. Johnson, however, has a private Instagram handle.

Most recently, she grammed a series of the family’s pictures to mark the occasion of Christmas 2021. The pictures also featured Franklin’s parents.