Popular Instagram model Janae Gagnier, who went by the moniker Miss Mercedes Morr on her Instagram and OnlyFans, was found dead in her Richmond apartment on August 29, 2021, in what the authorities believe may have been a murder-suicide. 

The investigation of the tragic incident is still ongoing, and thus far, the police have claimed that the person who they believe is the suspect was also found dead at the same crime scene. 

However, several outlets have resorted to reporting half-baked theories painted out as facts. The late model's family, especially her father, has taken it upon himself to clear the misconceptions surrounding her death. 

The Official Cause of Miss Mercedes Morr's Death

According to Heavy, a medical examiner outed Gagnier's cause of death as strangulation and the manner of her death pointed towards murder. However, the exact time of death is yet to be officially declared. 

As for the suspect, Kevin Alexander Accorto, he reportedly died as a result of multiple sharp force trauma. Upon further examination, the professional attributed the nature of his death to suicide. The outlet also reported the statement made by the Richmond Police Department, which read, 

At this point in the investigation, it is not believed that there was a relationship between the suspect and the victim. At this point, this is being considered a murder/suicide and it is an ongoing investigation to determine motive in the case.

However, some outlets began reporting that the model was robbed and killed. Some even going as far as to claim that she was set up, and her family refused to sit back and watch as the press made unsolicited claims. 

Jenae Gagnier's Sister Called Out Media Outlets

Gagnier's sister, London, took to Instagram following the tragic incident to share her frustration over how everything played out. She shared words of endearment for her sister while swearing at whoever was responsible for her untimely death.

Later on, in the same post, London accused public forums and blogs of making baseless claims and added that they did not know what happened. She warned, 

She wasn’t robbed . It was just a stalker from outta state who’d BEEN stalking her. Dont play on my baby’s name EVER .

The Model's Father Spoke Up

Gagnier's father, Mark, also made a statement via Twitter where he brought to attention to the alarming number of false statements put out by social media and several news outlets. 

He explained that the death of his daughter was still under investigation by the authorities. He affirmed that they would not be making any official statements until they had all the facts surrounding the unfortunate incident. He ended his message by requesting everyone to respect the bereaved family.

Even after he posted a tweet on his feed, Mark made it a point to correct any and all misreported articles and posts made by outlets on the social platform whilst pleading them to respect the family. 

Fans of the late model joined the heartbroken parent with their condolences and shared how extremely sorry they were for the loss that Mark and his family had to endure.