Misha Collins, a father of two kids, feels that he had a more adventurous childhood than his children.

Speaking with The New York Times in October 2019, the Supernatural star shared that he started to recognize the hidden costs of the adventures in his early years after he became a parent himself.

Collins said he had grown up surrounded by danger — getting sunburnt working on a cucumber farm.

He was also haunted with recurring nightmares about the nuclear holocaust after watching apocalyptic movies at the art-house theater with his mom.

But, on the other hand, when he looked at his kids at 9 and 7, he saw them still finding most Pixar movies too scary.


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Misha Collins on His Childhood

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Collins was reportedly raised in a non-religious family by Richard Krushnic and Rebecca Tippens.

During the previous interview, the actor revealed that his family lived in “a tent in the woods,” and used an old galvanized tub filled with cool water as their refrigerator.

He continued to share that even though times for his family were often lean, they were always treated with good food.

“My mother taught me how to steal peaches from the Stop & Shop grocery store when I was 4,” he recalled.

“The secret, in case you’re wondering, is to look relaxed, not guilty.”

He also remembered traveling from Boston to Seattle with his mother and brother when he turned 6.

They rode high up in the cabs of 18-wheelers and later slept in a sun-bleached canvas tent in Midwestern wheat fields.


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Collins claimed that they saw a black bear, a bighorn sheep, and a Big Rock Candy Mountain when they were sleeping.

In the end, he stated that his upbringing taught him one didn’t need money to be happy; didn’t have to play by the rules, and the whole world was begging to be explored.

“But now, from the hindsight of fatherhood...I see that while my childhood had been rife with adventure, it had also been lonely and frightening and wanting,” he added.

But Misha Collins’s Kids Are Living a Different Childhood

He welcomed his first kid, a son, West Anaximander Collins, with his estranged wife Victoria Vantoch, on September 23, 2010.

Two years later, he gave birth to a daughter, Maison Marie Collins, on September 25, with the same spouse.


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Cut to the chase — Collins said his kids are blessed to have the same friends since preschool because of their stable upbringing.

However, in his case, his family moved to 15 different places by the time he was in high school.

He also said that being a working parent was challenging since he had to be out of the home most of the time.

And even when he was home, he would sleep with his children, but his mind would be elsewhere.

But despite the differences between his childhood and theirs, the actor, as a parent, claimed that there was no place he would rather be than his kids, especially his youngest child.