Mikaela Testa is one of Australia's biggest earners on OnlyFans. This, as well as her relentless content creation on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, has made her quite a popular internet personality.

Attention is not only positive, though. While she had gotten a lot of exposure, enabling her to improve her brand, quite a bit of that fame has had negative consequences for her.

For her, the most hurtful of those have been the constant plastic surgery rumors about her and the hate she gets because of them.

Mikaela Testa’s Plastic Surgery Rumors — Are They True?

For the most part, yes, Testa's plastic surgery rumors are true. She has undergone cosmetic alterations in her body, both surgical and non-surgical.

In the non-surgical category, she has had fillers on her face. Testa has admitted to having had fillers all over her face, especially on her lips, cheeks, nose, and forehead.

Further, she has also confessed that she, at one point, had 20 milliliters of fillers on her face, all the parts combined. Testa had these when she first started creating TikTok content, had bad body dysmorphia, and felt like getting Botox and fillers was like a "personality trait" for her.

However, she is now looking the most natural she has in a long time — she started dissolving her fillers in late December 2020.

In a video on TikTok on November 5, 2021, she confessed to having no fillers on her face except for a small amount on her lips and said the "before surgery" pictures circulating on the internet were fake.

Mikaela Testa has gone back and forth on her plastic surgery claims multiple times.

Mikaela Testa has gone back and forth on her plastic surgery claims. (Photo: Mikaela testa/Instagram)

Talking about her surgical or non-reversible plastic surgery procedures, she has admitted to having gone under the knife to accentuate her physical features.

In early 2022, Testa shared a video from Dr. Mitchell Kim, a Gold Coast surgeon, who detailed what procedures he had performed on her. "Vaser lipo to her midsection and arms, and a fat transfer to her hip dips to create this jaw-dropping silhouette," he revealed.

Testa has also been accused of using video-editing apps to make her body look the way it does on her TikToks. However, she squashed those rumors in March 2022, saying she "just had a really good surgeon."

Mikaela Testa’s Back and Forth on Plastic Surgery Admissions

While there are a lot of instances where Testa has admitted to getting cosmetic enhancements, there are plenty of other times when she has said her body is natural. And this contradiction has people confused, even angry at times.

A few people have called her out in the past.

In June 2021, a user, yehawswaggie, made a video on TikTok pointing out how Testa said her body was natural and that she had had no surgeries to look the way she did. The creator accused the OnlyFans star of contradicting herself and lying about her procedures.


It’s so hard to watch someone have this major platform and spread such bullshit information about their “natural body” @mikaela.testa #fy ♬ original sound - yehawswaggie

Then, they played a past video where Testa admitted to having had fat transferred from one part of her body to another. They further accused Testa of promoting negative body image among younger women.

Other than these, she has also been exposed of using a BBL chair for her recovery from a potential Brazillian B**t Lift procedure.

These call-outs on social media caused Testa to break down into tears in January 2022. She was in hysterics in a video her boyfriend, Atis Paul, posted that month.

She was expressing how she felt like everyone hated her, how she did not want to get out of her house half the time, and even felt like dying because of the negative comments.

The hate towards her had not stopped, despite a clarification she provided in late December 2021. In her video addressing the criticisms, she claimed people had been giving her threats of physical violence.

More notably, though, she said she had never claimed to have a natural body, again contradicting her past comments. She also addressed the claims that she had implants on her abs, which she did not.