In 2018, Luxury Beauty and Lifestyle Content Creator Michele Wang posted a Q&A video on her official YouTube channel.

In the video titled 'Q&A Part I - Answering your questions from YT!,' Wang talked about her first meeting with her husband Miguel, their wedding, and their decades-long togetherness.

Michele Wang and Her Husband's Generic Wedding

During the Q&A session, a curious fan asked Wang about her wedding and requested her wedding photos.

"I don't have a wedding photo," remarked Wang at the beginning of her answer. 

Further, she told the watching audience how the couple eloped after being together for a long-time.

According to Wang, they took a week off from work and registered for a marriage license at the New York City Hall.

Twenty-four hours later, Wang and Miguel married each other during a generic ceremony at the City Hall.

To celebrate their wedding, the then-newly wed headed to Shake Shack, an eatery in Madison Park, and ate Burgers while their pug, which they were co-parenting, was treated with a frozen dog desert.

Wang claimed she is not sentimental over tradition and couldn't see spending her time and money planning a big wedding.

 "That's not me," claimed Wang.

Michele Wang on Meeting Her Husband

Addressing a fan question, Wang recalled her first meeting with Miguel and detailed her early life with him.

According to Wang, she met Miguel for the first time at the New York University and started dating him in 1996, right after completing their undergraduate studies.

During their time in college, Wang and Miguel studied business; Miguel later turned to study finance.

The couple got married in 2008, after dating each other for around twelve years.

In Wang's words, Miguel "jumped around" a bit at the beginning of his career before finally becoming a mortgage bond trader.

Michele Wang

Source: Michele Wang/Instagram

But after their move to Las Vegas, Miguel started working in a wealth management company.

According to Wang, Miguel loved the job and the change in scenario.

Later in the video, Wang called her pairing with Miguel "a very good match," as she called herself a Virgo and her husband a Taurus, both earth signs.

It turns out they were born in the same year, i.e.1973, and belong to an immigrant family. 

While Wang draws her roots from Asian heritage, she called Miguel "half Puerto Rican, half Dominican," born and raised in Queens, New York.

Michele Wang Stalked Miguel in College

Addressing another question posed by one of her fans, Wang revealed a fascinating detail about her love life.

Toward the mid-point of the video, the content creator said she first saw Miguel in one of her classes at the beginning of college and followed him during their sophomore, junior, and senior years.

Per Wang, she developed a big crush on him and, as a result, stalked her husband for three years. 

"[I] never spoke to him. I was pretty shy in college," Wang said in her recollection.

She eventually started talking with Miguel a year after his graduation from college. Their first conversation after meeting at a party sparked their love life.