Former NFL star Michael Strahan has been making headlines as of late for his ex-partner's actions. 

The partners in question are his girlfriend, Kayla Quick, and ex-wife, Jean Strahan.

The prior had a criminal record well before she crossed paths with the American TV personality, but the latter's arrest was more recent.

While Strahan and Quick were definitely dating around 2016, no news of them calling it off has made it to the open press.

Quick remains Strahan's last known girlfriend, at least as of this writing.

Michael Strahan's Girlfriend's First Skirmish with the Law

As per the police records obtained by Radar Online (via Page Six), Strahan's girlfriend had a criminal past, including an arrest for disorderly conduct and grand theft.

The reports surfaced back in 2016 when Quick was making fairly frequent appearances with Strahan. 

Quick's first arrest came when she was still a minor, a 14-year-old kid. She had been busted for disorderly conduct in her hometown of Port Charlotte, Florida. 

The case only made it to juvenile court because of her young age. No further details about the case or the outcome were available to the publication. 

Michael Strahan's Girlfriend Stole from Her Grandmother

The second blotch in Strahan's girlfriend's record came in May 2005, when she was caught for grand theft.

Apparently, she and her then-boyfriend had broken into her grandmother's place to get their hand on jewelry worth about $6000. 

The arrest report filed at the Charlotte County Sherrif's office disclosed this much and not more.

This case also ended up in juvenile court, and hence the outcome remains confidential. 

The outlet further disclosed that the Quick household had had prior skirmishes with the law.

Quick's late father, Gerald Quick, was arrested 19 times with charges ranging from assault with a deadly weapon to drug possession. 

Quick's sister, Kara Lee Quick, also had a drug bust on her record. 

Michael Strahan's Ex-Wife Accused of Terrorizing Her Ex-Girlfriend

The criminal record on Strahan's ex-wife is more recent, though.

In June 2021, TMZ published a report detailing how Jean was arrested for breaching an order of protection involving an ex-girlfriend, Marianne Ayer, who claimed she was being terrorized. 

Jean was taken into custody in New York and booked for criminal contempt. 

Ayer had accused Jean of grand larceny, disorderly conduct, harassment, coercion, and forcible touching.

Apparently, Jean had taken her son's plastic gun and threatened her ex-girlfriend, claiming it was real. 

Jean was also accused of harassing and abusing Ayer's pet German Shepard by shoving and kicking it. 

As per the records obtained by the outlet, Jean violated the order of protection by showing up at Ayer's residence. 

Strahan married Jean on July 18, 1999. The marriage ended in a divorce that was finalized in 2006. 

In the years that they were married, the couple welcomed a set of twin daughters: Isabella and Sophia, who are both 16 years old as of this writing. 

After the divorce, the girls split their time between either of the parents' homes.