Michael Rapaport has found himself the perfect wife in Kebe Dunn. 

The actor who manages to divide his audiences into two neat camps of people who find him annoying or hilarious has found himself with someone who loves his brand of humor. 

Sadly, Rapaport did not find his perfect match in one go. He was married once before. 

Michael Rapaport's First Marriage

As reports from Suggest suggested, Rapaport married his first wife, The Walking Dead producer Nichole Beattie, in January 2000.

Although they were only married for four years, they welcomed two kids during that time — sons Julian and Maceo. 

In 2004, the wife filed for legal separation, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split. That pretty much sums up all that is known about the actor's first marriage, in the public sphere at least. 

Well, there is a little more available on the divorce. 

As per court records obtained by Today, Beattie sought spousal support payments and joint custody of the couple’s two kids.

Michael Rapaport's Second Marriage

Rapaport married again over a decade later in 2016. However, the woman he married, Dunn, was someone he knew before his first marriage. 

Turns out, Rapaport and Dunn were an item before Rapaport and Beattie were even a thing.

As much as Rapaport makes himself heard on public platforms, very little is known about his romantic endeavors. 

It is still a mystery how Rapaport met Dunn, why things ended, or how soon after the breakup he married his first wife.

It is for certain that Rapaport and Dunn reconnected after the divorce and dated for a few years before they eventually got married.

Again, the details of the wedding are yet to make it to tabloid headlines. So, all that is known about Rapaport and Dunn's relationship comes from their social media exploits, which is not much. 

Michael Rapaport & Kebe Dunn Dates in the '90s

For instance, the fact that Rapaport and Dunn were in a relationship back in the '90s was made evident by a picture posted by Rapaport for Valentine's Day 2018. 

Take a look. 

Michael Rapaport and his wife Kebe Dunn in the '90s

Michael Rapaport and his wife Kebe Dunn in the '90s (Source: Instagram)

The photo was undoubtedly taken in the '90s, with the actor admitting himself that they were wearing "way too much denim from GAP." 

The photo was apparently taken right after he was done shooting for Higher Learning, where he played Remy, a neo-Nazi. 

If social media reports were a gauge of relationship health, Rapaport and his wife seem to be doing really well together. 

Michael Rapaport Harrassed an Ex-girlfriend

While it is delightful to see that Rapaport has found himself his perfect match, he does not have the best track record when it comes to relationships. 

Prior to his marriage, the actor had pled guilty to harassing his ex-girlfriend Lili Taylor. 


A post shared by Kebe Rapaport (@ebekay)

Page Six reported that Taylor filed a police report against the actor back in 1997, claiming that following their breakup, he repeatedly called her and showed up at her apartment in the middle of the night, banging on her window.

Following litigation, a judge issued a protection order that kept the actor from contacting Taylor and ordered that the actor undergo counseling sessions twice a month for a year.