Melrose Place resident Michael Rady fell in love with his girlfriend turned wife, Rachael Kemery, when he was still in school back in Philadelphia. Both of them were attendees of Saint Joseph's Preparatory School.

Their absolute fairytale of a love story met the engagement milestone back in 2009, when the actor popped the big question on July 23, while they were in bed at around 2 in the morning. And yes! It was an impromptu decision.

Apparently, it all went by so fast that he didn't even have enough time to buy his financée a ring to officiate the engagement.

Despite the hasty engagement, their relationship has come a long way since then, as the two got married and started a family of their own. Rady and his wife Kemery are proud parents of four beautiful children: Ellington, August, Olive June, and Maisie Iris. 


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Michael Rady And His Wife Start A Family

Rady and Kemery tied the knot less than a year after their engagement on May 22, 2010, and have been happily married for well over a decade, as the actor merrily likes to flaunt on his socials. 

While the actor does not go out of his way to talk about his family and personal life to the open press, he has made it a point to keep his keen fans informed about his life as a family man via his Instagram. 

The actor puts up a post of appreciation for his kids every once in a while. To celebrate his sons' third and fifth birthdays, he put up a slideshow of pictures on his feed. And before you ask, yes, both of his elder sons share the same birthday. 


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The carousel of snaps began with the doting father carrying his sons on either side as the three took a hike outdoors. The following photos saw the adorable brothers either beaming bright smiles at the camera or simply passing out of tiredness. The accompanying captions gave fans a look into the heart of the loving father. 

Michael Rady Welcoming His Daughters

In another Instagram update, Rady celebrated his baby girl's first birthday with yet another slideshow of pictures. The adorable toddler's piercing blue eyes gazing at the camera were the highlights of the post.

Later in the captions, the actor celebrated his "brave strong" wife for bringing his little bundle of joy into the world. Then, as the caption drew to a close, he also spoke of his daughter as a "contagiously fun" person while considering himself lucky to be a parent. 


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However, at the time, Rady was yet to experience the joy of being a father for the fourth time. It was only in December 2020 that he buckled under the anticipation of becoming a father of four, or more likely, that was when he decided to share the news with his fans.

By April 2021, he had welcomed yet another beautiful baby girl into the Rody tribe. To break the news, he announced via Instagram that the family's newest member was here. Rody fell in love one more time.