Michael McIntyre and his wife Kitty Ward were in different places in their dating life when they first met. She was dating someone else, and he was hell-bent on marrying her and only her.

But it wasn't until years later that his wish would come true. Before he could get near his partner, he stalked her from afar.

It's not what it sounds like, though.

Michael McIntyre Was Smitten with His Wife

"She was the girl I had been looking for," said McIntyre about the time he saw his wife for the first time. He met her through his sister, Lucy.

At 22, he was a single college dropout trying to make a career being funny at the time.

He couldn't immediately start going out with her. She was dating someone else, and he had to wait.

So he did. For two years, he "stalked" her. He was sure Ward was the one.

"In the romantic comedy that was my life, this would have made a good ending. We would fall happily ever after," McIntyre confessed to the Daily Mail in March 2014.

Michael McIntyre with his wife Kitty Ward at an awards ceremony.

Michael McIntyre with his wife Kitty Ward at an awards ceremony. (Photo: Instagram)

He came to that conclusion "within moments" of seeing and talking to her. He was so sure, he proposed on their first date.

McIntyre did not reveal her reactions to that, but they did not stop seeing each other.

In another interview, the British comedian gushed about how they had a really good start to their relationship. They even kissed on their first date.

Not knowing how to handle it, he went around telling everybody that he was in love and going to marry her.

McIntyre asked her to marry him later when out for dinner at a restaurant. She might not even have heard his words — the restaurant was noisy.

They got married in 2003.

Michael McIntyre's Life with Wife and Kids

McIntyre was just starting as a comedian when they got married. So, he had no money to spend on luxuries. The only thing he had was his spouse's support.

Even a dining table was a luxury at the time. They lived in a one-bedroom flat in North London and had a broken microwave as their table.

The couple even almost lost their flat because they could not pay the rent on time. But, in 2005, things changed for the better.

That year, they welcomed their first kid, son Lucas. McIntyre knew he had to "make it work" after that.

He was also 40,000 pounds in debt by the time, as The Telegraph noted in 2013.

Driven by anxiety, he went into "complete overdrive" and got his big break in 2006.

Six years later, in 2012, he became the most successful comedian on the planet, earning making £21 million in ticket sales alone. He earned a few more in DVD and autobiography sales.

In between this career growth, his family grew, too. He and his wife had a second son, Oscar, in 2008.

The couple has two kids and now lives in Hampstead, London — quite an upgrade from his North London dwelling.