Michael Imperioli has been in the industry since the 1980s, appearing as a supporting actor in films like Goodfellas, The Basketball Diaries, and Clockers

But Imperioli hit it big time in 1999 when he starred as Christopher Moltisanti, the protégé to Tony Soprano in the family crime drama, The Sopranos. Imperioli won an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series in 2004. 

Since The Sopranos ended, Imperioli has appeared in many movies like the Academy Award-nominated 2009 adaptation of the best-selling novel, The Lovely Bones, and found immense success. 

Apart from his successful professional life, the actor has a relatively stable personal life. He married his wife, Victoria Chlebowski, in 1996.

They had known each other since college. 

And the one thing that he and his wife love more than anything is architecture. 

Michael Imperioli and His Wife's Love for Architecture

In 2016, the couple moved to a 19th-century factory building in Tribeca which they renovated on their own.

His wife is an interior designer who owns the design firm SVE New York with her business partner, Sonya Chang, in New York.

And as an interior design, she is sensitive to the ethics of design. She noted that she was drawn to designs that created harmony and pleasure and loved recycling furniture she found at flea markets. 

The house featured Chlebowski's collection of 17th- to 19th-century European art. Meanwhile, the furniture was pushed against the opulent silk-damask-covered walls of the main rooms, giving off an operatic splendor.

Michael Imperioli And His Wife Back In The Day (Source: Michael Imperioli's Instagram)

The master bedroom was tucked in the nook of the living room and gave off the vibe of a drafty old mansion which Chlebowski describes as a "jewel box." 

But as beautiful as the house was, the couple moved to Manhattan because, according to the couple, the location felt the way New York felt when Imperioli was in the city for the first time.

In addition, the actor wanted the apartment's décor to be conducive for his work as an actor. And luckily for him, his wife understood what he liked.

The living room had a glammed-up classical theme supported by busts of Mercury and Athena, as well as lampshades with a Greek-key design and animal prints on the rug and a pair of side chairs.

In the bedroom, Imperioli's wife played with primary colors and luxe textures.

The rich, silky curtains, the covering on the chaise longue, the geometric pattern on the cushion were all sunny yellow. The wall had the 19th-century German painting of the Virgin Mary and her mother. 

Michael Imperioli and Son, Vadim

The Sopranos' actor thought his son would not like it, but he accepted it when he saw the similarity between their old and new home. 

The couple has three children, Vadim, David, and Isabella. The latter is from Victoria's previous relationship, but legally she has been Imperioli's daughter for years. 

His older son Vadim has inherited the acting gene and once aspired to be a stand-up comedian. He also loves art, although he has gotten into trouble with the law because of it. 

In November 2016, the authorities arrested Vadim for spray-painting a swastika in a dorm at Purchase College. At the time, the captain of the NYPD noted Vadim would face a charge of criminal mischief in the fourth degree. 

He had previously served three years' probation for vandalism in California and was also in the case of "criminal mischief."