Ant-Man actor Michael Douglas is reflecting on the love he and his family have for his Mallorca estate. Douglas bought the 200-acre property in the '90s for a reported $3.5 million with his now ex-wife, Diandra Luker. They were married for 13 years and had a son named Cameron. 

After their divorce, Douglas married actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, and they have been together ever since. The couple has two kids together, son Dylan, 20, and daughter Carys, 17.

In a recent interview with the local Mallorca news outlet, Ultima Hora, Douglas talked about his villa. 

The actor revealed that he and his family spent the pandemic together on the island, and he is grateful for the family time he has gotten. He added it was blissful thanks to his wife and cited the old mantra, “Happy wife, happy life.”

I love coming back to Mallorca. I have been coming for over 30 years, and I have learned over time that a “Happy wife is a happy life.”

However, he admitted that once he thought about leaving Mallorca forever. 

Douglas Almost Sold His Villa

Located in the Tramuntana Mountains, Douglas initially put up his Villa S’Estaca on the market for €55 million ($64.7 million) in 2014. The price was eventually brought down to €25 million ($29.4 million), but he did not get any buyers even then. 

In 2019, he took another shot at selling his massive seaside estate by releasing a promotional video narrated by himself. Eventually, the actor pulled the property off the market, bought off his ex-wife’s share, and became the complete owner of the villa.

During the interview, Douglas shared that he never wanted to leave Mallorca, but he put up his property on sale because of the discomfort of sharing the house with his ex-wife. He explained that he and his ex-wife took turns living in the villa for six months, which was not ideal for anyone. 

But now that everything is sorted out, he noted that his children and their children could continue to come, and the island will be theirs for generations to come. 

Inside the Beautiful Villa

Long before Douglas became the owner of the cliffside villa, it belonged to the notable Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria in the 1860s, who was well known in Mallorca for his island conservationism. 

After acquiring S’Estaca, the Duke spent his time renovating it for one of his mistresses, his own cousin Sisi, empress of Austria. The 190-acre property is set on the outskirts of the village of Valldemossa, offering an uninterrupted view of the Mediterranean sea and the pristine beaches. 

Douglas, too, spent $7 million to put his own stamp on the Moorish-style mansion that can accommodate up to 20 people across 5 flats, a loft, and 2 cottages totaling almost 11,000 sq ft. The actor has hosted some of his friends and shared that they all enjoyed their stay at the villa. 

There is a home cinema, a gym, a shower with sea views, a spa, a relaxing pool area, and a library. However, everyone can agree that the view overlooking the Mediterranean from the cottage and terraces on the property is the center of attraction.