American singer-songwriter Melanie Martinez, age 27, is a hot topic in the music industry because of her singing talent and secondly because of her love affairs. She has also been selling her exclusive perfume by the brand name Cry Baby Perfume since 2016, and also selling merch from apparel to accessories from her official store website Melanie Martinez Official Store

This article puts a spotlight on her dating spree and draws insight into her music career.   

Is Melanie Martinez Dating Someone?

Presently, Martinez is not known to be dating anyone. There are no media reports or social media posts to suggest that she is in a relationship with someone.  

The popular pop singer has not been spotted with anyone in public places lately, to add to the context. 

None of the latest interviews give an impression of her having a boyfriend either.

Melanie Martinez's Long List of Exes

It seems Martinez has a long history of datings people in the entertainment business with an equally long history of eventual breakups.

Her list of exes includes filmmaker Vinnie DiCarlo, actor Edwin Zabala, drummer Miles Nasta, Timothy Heller, music producer Micheal Keenan, and singer-songwriter Oliver Tree. 

After a year of their breakup, one of her ex, Zabala, leaked Martinez's private pictures online.  

Interestingly, even after ending their love relationship, both Nasta and Martinez are understood to be on good terms. 

Melanie Martinez's Break-up with Oliver Tree

Martinez's intimate relationship with American singer-songwriter, Oliver Tree, did not last long.

The couple broke their love affair prematurely and decided to move on with their lives and career. 

Not long after their separation, the artists' duo posted on their social media accounts about parting ways, speaking highly of each other. 

On her Instagram story, she called the breakup to be "mutual" and asked her followers "to be nice and [to] send positivity and support." 

This suggests the couple broke up on good terms. 

Melanie Martinez's Career Thus Far

She started her singing journey at a relatively young age. During her early teen years, she used to record cover songs and post them on YouTube.

After some time, she wrote, sang, and produced her own music video titled 'I Think I'm Crazy.'

Martinez broke into the music scene with her participation in the 2012 edition of The Voice US.  She was selected in the 3rd edition of the reality show, and in no time, the audience joined her fandom. 

In her televised audition, she sang 'Toxic' by Britney Spears, and the judges loved it.

In the show's early stages, she joined Maroon 5's lead vocalist and judge Adam Levine's Team Adam. 

Martinez, however, did not last any longer than five weeks and was eventually eliminated from the singing contest. 

The now-famed singer is widely regarded as the biggest talent discovered out of the reality tv program. 

She rose to fame with her 2014 breakthrough hit 'Dollhouse' from her debut EP Dollhouse, which became 2X Platinum in the United States. 

Her second successive hit, 'Carousel,' was featured as a theme song in American Horror Story, Freak Show. 

She further enjoyed the success of her song 'Pity Party' from her 2015 debut album Crybaby, which made its entry at number 6 on Billboard 200. In the year 2020, her extended pay After School came out, And in 2023, she released her third studio album Portals, which consisted of thirteen songs about personal growth, self-love, societal expectation, and heartbreak. 

How old is Melanie Martinez?

As of writing, Martinez is 27 years old. She was born on 28 April 1995 as Melanie Adele Martinez in Astoria, Queens, in New York City, U.S. to parents Jose and Mery Martinez. 

Growing up, she admired the likes of The Beatles, Britney Spears, Christina Aquilera, Biggie Smalls, and Tupac Shakur, and developed an early passion to make out her name as a singer from a young age. 

Later, in Plaza Elementary School, she learned a lot about singing from her teacher Mr. Nadien. She also expressed herself through poetry in kindergarten. She had few friends growing up and likes to stay home. She would rather practice photography and painting. 

She was 14 when she learned guitar by herself by studying chord diagrams of the songs she discovered online and her first song was one of her poetries attached to one of the chord songs. 

Personality-wise, the Baldwin High School graduate relates to her young self as "very emotional." She says it was hard for her to explain her feelings to others and often cried., which led others to tease her as a "cry baby," which she took as inspiration for the name and the concept of her debut album, Cry Baby.

What is Melanie Martinez's sexuality? Is she gay?

Growing up in a conservative Latin household, it was hard for Martinez to publicly come out about her sexuality. In 2018, she wrote lengthy Instagram posts during the national coming out day and revealed that she was bi-sexual and her parents no longer possed opposition to her not being straight. She said,

Happy national coming out day! Everyday I get DM’s from kids who have similar experiences to mine growing up, living in a traditional Latin household. Hearing your family make jokes about the lgbtq+ community, making you feel like you wouldn’t be accepted if you came out. I want you to know that I’m here for you and I hear you. I was you. I had a really traumatizing experience being outed, demonized & harassed. Ive never felt comfortable talking about sexuality in general because it always felt very shameful with the conditioning I had as a kid. But I’m here to tell you through my own scary experience that it gets better. My family is completely and fully accepting of me now as a Bi-sexual woman. I have a beautiful group of friends who have been with me through the roughest shit in my life and I am so grateful for them. Being Bi is quite confusing because on both ends you feel this enormous pressure to choose. I felt like my relationship history would invalidate my sexuality and also felt like every year i was taking too long to come out. But I learned it’s never too late. And that everyone has their own path to queerness. Everyone’s story is entirely different and equally as beautiful. There are so many amazing kids who have this online community of people they can talk to for support that I never had as a kid, or parents that fully support their sexuality and identity. Being supportive of the kids and adults who feel they need to take their time coming out for their own mental health, and personal safety is so important. I’m sending all of my love and support to every person in this community today and everyday, weather you’re out and proud as a butterfly or still finding yourself growing in your cocoon. I love you so much. I’m here for you, and I know you’re here for me

What is Melanie Martinez's net worth?

According to Celebritynetworth, Martinez's estimated net worth is $8 million. 

Interesting facts about Melanie Martinez

1. Her shoes are never tied.

2. She has stitches on her hand and chin. 

3. She hates vegetables. 

4. She has Puerto Rican and Dominican heritage but doesn't speak Spanish. 

5. She doesn't wear jeans and jewelry.

6. She is an avid chocolate lover and needs to eat it after every meal.