Melanie C, full name Melanie Chisholm, credits her daughter for providing her the strength to leave her former husband.

The Spice Girls star left Thomas Starr in 2012 after they were husband and wife for ten years.

She said that their daughter, who was three years old at the time, made her feel "braver."

"She has made me braver. She has made me stand up for myself more," said the pop singer to The Sun.

Mel wasn't happy, and neither was her daughter to leave her ex husband behind, but it wasn't "the environment" the singer wanted for her daughter to grow up.

However, the 'Wannabe' hitmaker had to make the "big decision" moving ahead and ended the relationship with the property developer.

Melanie C's Relationship with Her Former Husband

Mel met Starr in Barbados in 2002 while on vacation, and the two shared property in North London during their relationship.

The British pop star spoke of the dynamic between the pair, weeks before their split, in an interview with Good Housekeeping.

She told the outlet that she likes to run her house with "military precision," and her husband was interfering with her way of doing things.

The singer hinted about some "serious life changes" that she was ready to make. She spoke about a "new door" opening for her and "going back full circle" in her life to her passion for performing.

Relationship between Melanie C and Her Daughter

Mel has a sweet relationship with her daughter, Scarlet, 13.

When the spice girl joined the latest series of The Voice Kids, she said that her child has "great talents."

Melanie C posing for a photo with her daughter

Melanie C posing for a photo with her daughter (Source: Mel's Instagram)

She said she feels very responsible for her young child and likes to keep her off social media.

She also mentioned that she is very proud of the talents and personality of Scarlett, who also enjoys the same interests as her mother.

However, Mel also thinks that Scarlett is "completely her own person" and isn't looking forward to stepping into her mother's shoes.

"She's brilliant and she inspires me every day," said Mel to a media outlet.

Mel doesn't want her kid to mark her "unblemished and perfect" skin with tattoos when she grows up.

However, with 11 inkings of her own, she said she understands she isn't a "good advert" for not having tattoos.

Dating History and Current Partner of Melanie C

The 48-year-old is currently dating her manager Joe Marshall since December 2015.

She sang praises of the music executive for "challenging, respecting and loving" her. She said she had been blessed with "new-found confidence" since dating her partner.

"I don't think I've ever been in a relationship where someone has got my back," said Mel.

Before Mel found love again, she was battling her demons.

Facing difficulty in coping with the internal disputes with her band members, Mel was driven to a point where she was dealing with depression and eating disorders.

Because of the scuffle, she even started starving herself to anorexia, only binge-eating again the next day.