Seven weeks prior to this writing, Mel Harris celebrated 12 years of marital bliss with her current spouse, Bob Brush. The renowned actress even put up an Instagram post to commemorate the special occasion. 

On July 27, 2021, the actress put up a couple of pictures on her Gram. The first snap featured a bottle of sand placed upon a rock.

But it wasn't just any sand in the glass bottle; it was from the Jersey Shore venue where they exchanged vows for the first time. 

The second snap featured in the post framed the beautiful couple clad in Masai Mara tribal attire as the locals celebrated in the background.

This snap was apparently taken when the couple renewed their vows, ten years into their marriage. 

In the caption, Harris shared that she was blessed to have found such a loving and fascinating spouse who loved their twelve-year-long journey just as much as she did. 


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She went on to thank him for all the love and the laughs, the joy and the tears that he brought into her life. 

"Here’s to holding hands no matter where that journey takes us," she closed. 

Evidently, Harris has found the love of her life in her spouse this time around, but it took the model turned actress a few attempts at marriage to get it right. 

Mel Harris’s Six Spouses

Harris has been married six times in her lifetime. She married her first husband, David Silbergeld, in 1978. Sadly, the marriage lasted for only about a year before they divorced in 1979. 

Not more than a year later, she walked down the aisle once more with her second husband, Brian Kilclinic. This one lasted longer than the first but not by some huge margin.

The former flames parted ways in 1982. 

In late October 1983, Harris tied the knot to producer David Hume Kennerly. Their marriage would last five whole years before they ultimately got a divorce in 1988.

From her marriage with Kennerly, Harris gave birth to her eldest child, Byron.


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By October 1988, she had married yet again to actor Cotter Smith. They were together till 1996 and had one child together—a daughter named Madeline. 

Spouse number five was Michael Toomy, who Harris married in May 2001. However, it is not clear when that marriage and she found love again with Brush. 

Mel Harris’s Belief in Marriage

During an episode of Oprah: Where Are They Now?, Harris affirmed that she was a big believer in marriage. "Clearly, I believe in marriage because I’ve kept trying it," she quipped. 

She also took full ownership of her previous marriages when she said. 

It is what I am. Sometimes things work out, sometimes they don’t. Out of those I have two beautiful, wonderful children.


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She later added that her marriage to Brush had been the absolute best and the most rewarding thing that she had ever done in her life.

She appeared to be confident when she claimed that she planned to be married to Brush forever and ever. 

Harris, who is currently married to the screenwriter slash television producer, has two birth children and two stepdaughters.