Jeremy Roenick celebrated 29 years of marital bliss with his beautiful wife Tracy Roenick on June 20, 2021, with a post on his Instagram handle. 

On the occasion, the retired National Hockey League star shared a series of snaps that the couple took over almost three decades of their marriage and possibly before.

The first snap in the series featured a young Jeremy with his sweetheart wife in a vintage snap. As the series of snaps progressed, the couple appeared older and older until, eventually, the last few snaps saw the couple as they are today. 

While it was blatantly apparent that the couple had gone through quite a few phases of their life together, Jeremy jokingly remarked that not much had changed in their 29 years of marriage. 

The pro-hockey player also shared that every one of those 29 years had been filled with endless laughter with his best friend, amazing wife, and all-time toasting partner Tracy.

After raising a toast to their long-time relationship, Jeremy concluded the caption with an adorable "I love you," followed by a red heart emoji. 

Jeremy Met Tracy at 13

Jeremy met his future wife when he moved to Boston as a 13-year-old. Going by what Jeremy wrote on his website, he first met Tracy when he was a freshman in high school. 

Both Jeremy and Tracy went to Thayer academy and became good friends instantly. He admitted he had never thought he would be meeting his future wife at such a young age. 

Regardless, the couple got engaged after Tracy graduated from college while he was playing for the Chicago Blackhawks. He also noted that the two of them got married in 1992 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Boston. 

Jeremy Sang Praises for His Wife

Further along in his post, Jeremy admitted that his wife had been the most influential person throughout his career for a book-full of reasons, referencing his first book, an autobiography by the name of J.R.: My Life as the Most Outspoken, Fearless, and Hard-Hitting Man in Hockey. He added, 

When I look back and think about the ride and see where we are today, I realize she was my life’s greatest choice.

He went on to sing praises for his wife, who managed to move around the country as he switched to different teams.

The Couple Shares Two Children

She also raised a family and ran a business, all the while maintaining her focus on her riding and training their daughter, Brandi, who is considered one of the greatest young dressage riders in North American history.

Brandi has her eyes set on the Olympics, where she hopes to represent her country for the Equestrian Sport Dressage.

She is currently residing in Germany, working as a professional rider for one of the world's leading breeding farms. However, the NHL veteran did not mention exactly where she was employed. 

Their son Brett, on the other hand, is an alumnus of the University of San Diego. He is also the founder of the university's hockey program.

According to Jeremy, he has a bright future ahead of him as he moved to Manhattan in the fall of 2020 to pursue a career in branding and licensing.