Mel Gibson has been head over heels for his girlfriend, Rosalind Ross, since back in 2014. 

However, he has been forced into a position to defend his relationship with his girlfriend in the public eye since about the same time. 

Celebrity status has its drawbacks, evidently. 

Why would he have to defend his relationship with a girlfriend he loves and who loves him back, you ask? Well, Ross is 35 years younger than Gibson. 

Mel Gibson on the 35-Year Age Gap

When questioned by Mirror about his relationship with his girlfriend in 2016, Gibson, fresh out of his decade-long Hollywood exile, told the outlet: "Regarding age and relationships, it’s just a number." 

He began to profess how he and his girlfriend "dig each other," and that she was an adult free to make her own decisions about who she wanted to date and vice versa. 

"It might cause a problem and one has a trepidation about these things, but it’s working out great," he said before adding, "She is a really special person."

Around the same time, Gibson and his girlfriend were also pregnant with their first child — his ninth.

On January 23, 2017, the couple had welcomed a beautiful baby boy, who they named Lars Gerard Gibson, into their family, as per reports from Us Weekly.

About Rosalind Ross

A native of The Golden State, Ross was born in Aptos, California, on July 5, 1990, and in an all-familiar contrast, her longtime boyfriend Gibson was born on January 3, 1956.

Prior to her time in showbiz, Ross was an equestrian vaulter — that’s gymnastics on horseback. 

And not just any equestrian vaulter, she won a gold medal at the World Equestrian Games in 2010, and she’s also in the AVA Hall of Fame.

After she got off the saddle, she began a career in Hollywood as a screenwriter and has movie credits for the same in MatadorEscaping North KoreaThe Contract, and Black Sam, to name a few.

In her time in the industry, she has worked on projects alongside the best talent pool that showbiz had to offer, including Reese Witherspoon, David Oyelowo, Casey Affleck, and Mark Wahlberg.

As per Deadline, her projects have garnered attachments from directors such as Reed Morano, Anthony Hemingway, and Mel Gibson, and producers such as Gianni Nunnari, Stephen Levinson, and the Oscar-nominated Robbie Brenner and Chuck Roven.

Mel Gibson's girlfriend Rosalind Ross with their son Lars

Mel Gibson's girlfriend Rosalind Ross with their son Lars (Source: Instagram)

In more recent times, she has been trying her hand at directing and held the director's chair for Wahlberg starrer faith-based film Sty.

Although she traded her career on horseback to make movies, she has not yet lost touch with the athlete in her.

As per reports from Closer Weekly, when she’s not working in Hollywood, walking a red carpet with her boyfriend, or raising their little bundle of joy, Lars, she would be working out. 

One of her favorite workouts seems to be boxing, going by her Instagram.