When Meghan Trainor started dating her now-husband, then-boyfriend, Daryl Sabara, her older brother Ryan Trainor jokingly admitted he was disappointed. 

During Ryan and Meghan’s appearance on the Chicks in the Office podcast, the older brother was asked how well he got along with the Spy Kids actor.

Although the two men got along well, in the beginning, Ryan was like, “who is this guy?!?”

Meghan chimed in, noting her brothers were shocked when she started dating Daryl because he differed from their expectations. 

The singer had been going to many NBA games, so her brothers hoped she would marry an NBA athlete. 


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Ryan admitted he was banking on an NBA star, albeit jokingly. 

But he was glad she wasn’t with an NBA player because they were not the nicest guys. 

He then gushed about the singer’s husband, saying he was the “best human being on Earth,” with Meghan seconding that. 

The Close Bond between Meghan Trainor, Her Husband, and Brothers

Elsewhere in the podcast, the brother and sister duo opened up about how close Meghan’s brothers and husband were. 

Ryan shared that one time he and his brother-in-law had gone to a Black Keys concert and gotten blacked out drunk. 

Meghan Trainor and her brother on a podcast

Meghan Trainor and her brother, Ryan Trainor, on the Chicks in the Office podcast. (Source: Chicks in the Office/YouTube)

He got away scot-free, but Daryl got in trouble with Meghan. 

“He [Daryl] got in trouble with Megan I was like ‘all right he’s cool. He finally got in trouble with Maggie,’” said Ryan. 

The ‘Dear Future Husband’ singer added that the two men were so in love it was impossible to hang out with them. 

When the two of them went out, and Meghan would text Daryl when he planned to come home, Ryan encouraged the Spy Kids actor to ignore the message. 

The Trainor-Sabara family is so close that they not only hang out together but live together as well. 

Meghan’s siblings Ryan and Justin, live with her and her husband at their home in Los Angeles. 


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“They [Ryan and Justin] have their own side of the house — we call it the man cave — so I barely see them. I would be very sad if they moved out. Everywhere I go my family comes with me,” said the songstress. 

Meghan Trainor’s Brother Speaks Out against Her Bathroom Habit

And because Trainor and her sibling live together, they are privy to some habits of the singer and her husband. 

Last October, Trainor and Ryan were on the podcast series Why Won’t You Date Me? hosted by Nicole Byer. 

And while talking to the host, the siblings revealed some pretty personal information about the married couple.

The host asked Ryan if he wanted a relationship like his sister's. 

He declined immediately, saying, “It’s way too much. I need my personal space. They poop together!!!” 

Meghan then explained that they got two toilets in the bathroom because many times, in the middle of the night, when they were with their baby, they needed the toilet simultaneously. 

So the singer decided it was best to add a unique feature.