Athletes and artists may come from different worlds, but their social circles often overlap. As a result, they often end up dating each other.

One such athlete that prefers to keep his love life on the down-low is former NFL player and quarterback Matt Leinart, causing people to wonder, “is Matt Leinart married?”

The quarterback is indeed married to his wife and actress Josie Loren. Loren is best known for the role of Kaylie Cruz in the ABC Family series Make It or Break It.

The husband-wife duo comes from such different worlds that Leinart’s wife once admitted that she didn’t know what the Heisman was. 

For those unaware, Leinart rose to prominence after winning the Heisman Trophy, an award given to the most outstanding player in college football. 

He won it twice during his time at the University of Southern California. 

But Leinart’s wife shared that the outstanding player never schooled her either and gushed about how humble he was.

Matt Leinart and His Wife

Leinart and Loren began dating in September 2013. The couple has never talked about the details of their relationship. 

But the duo got engaged in July 2016. The Make It or Break It star announced it on her Instagram, expressing that she found it surreal. 

Matt Leinart and his wife five days before their marriage

Matt Leinart and his wife five days before their wedding (Source: Matt Leinart/Instagram)

The couple tied the knot two years later, on May 26, 2018, in Asheville, North Carolina, and they were very excited about their special day. 

They shared updates of their wedding preparations on Instagram leading up to the nuptials using the very punny hashtag #RingAroundTheJosie. 

“5 days and counting until I call you my wife @josloren,” the Heisman Trophy winner captioned one of his photos.

And on the actual day, the couple had a blast according to their Instagram posts. There were also some famous attendees at the celebrations. 

Loren’s Make It or Break It costar Cassie Scerbo were present, as well as 98 Degrees singer Nick Lachey and his wife, Vanessa.

During the reception, Lachey got on stage and performed Stevie Wonder’s ‘Superstition’ alongside the bride’s mom.

Matt Leinart and His Sons 

The couple was also joined by a very special person during their celebration—Leinart’s son Cole whom he shares with ex Brynn Cameron. 

After their son was born, the tension between Leinart and Cameron grew, with the latter accusing the former of being an absentee father. 

But they set aside their differences for their son, and these days they are seen together with him. 

Cole seems to have picked up his father’s football genetics as his father tweeted a clip of him in a game and stated that he was faster and more athletic than him.

Besides Cole, Leinart and his wife have two sons. Their younger son, Cannon Asis Leinart, was born on May 24, 2021. 

The actress announced the birth of her new baby boy, writing, “You may be my Number 2, but you’ll never come second.”

Their older son, Cayson, was born in February 2020. 

While most celebrity couples keep the identities of their babies a secret, Leinart, and his spouse often post a slew of adorable photos of the family.