The star of the 25th season of The Bachelor, Matt James, started his journey as the bachelor with a heartfelt conversation of his childhood and growing up in a biracial family with his mother. His story struck a chord with many people. His mother, Patty James, also received much love from viewers.

However, James' brother, John, managed to steal the spotlight towards the end of The Bachelor. Not only did John's consideration towards his brother impress many, but his conversations with the final two contestants — Michelle Young and Rachael Kirkconnell — also appeared genuine and unique.


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John has earned himself many fans after being introduced on the March 15th episode of The Bachelor. Since then, he has been seen in many conversations concerning Matt and shows his love for his little brother. 

Who Is Matt James Brother?

Though John came into the picture as James' brother, he is an artist who has been making music for over six years. He goes by the name John The Scorpio, and according to his SoundCloud, he is a passionate musician influenced by g funk music, underground west coast hip-hop, and R&B.

Matt James And John James

Matt and John were raised by their mother, Patty, after divorce from her ex-husband, Manny James. Matt previously spoke about how his parent's divorce took a toll on him. This was the reason why he took his time on The Bachelor seriously, as he didn't want to hurt anyone.

Knowing that Matt was serious about his experience as the bachelor, John did the best he could for his brother during his appearance on the show. However, during John's appearance on the Higher Learning podcast, the musician opened up about why he didn't see the show as a reality.

This to me is not what I perceive personally as reality and like an actual real dynamic that somebody would experience in everyday life… I couldn’t take it serious because who in their right mind could come to a serious conclusion in two-three months for a lifetime decision?

John had also approved of both Young and Kirkconnell during his time on the show, pointing out that the former seemed like she was in a good place with Matt, while the latter had a powerful connection with his brother.


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Matt eventually chose Kirkconnell, and the two continued dating after their time on the show ended. However, they eventually broke up not long after, as her past racially insensitive photos surfaced.

As people began wondering if things were over for Matt and Kirkconnell, John revealed there wasn't anything to be worried about and that his brother was in a good spot. Matt and Kirkconnell got back together eventually, and the two are still together.