Mary Berry was a part of The Great British Baking Show for seven years before she quit in 2016.

Fans expected Berry to make a return on the show on Channel 4, but she refused to leave BBC.

Fans Loved Mary Berry on 'The Great British Baking Show'

The Great British Baking Show challenged and critiqued participants' baking techniques and skills. It made headlines after Mary Berry's exit. 

Berry had been with the show since its inception on BBC Two in 2010. She, along with Paul Hollywood, judged the bakers.

Berry was the one who coined the phrase "soggy bottoms." Fans loved her for her no-nonsense critical judgment. In fact, she won the National Award for Best TV Judge in 2017.

Why Did Mary Berry Leave The Great British Baking Show?

When Berry and presenters Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins quit the show, her fans were left with many questions.

As they wondered why Berry exited The Great British Baking Show, Berry revealed they were "not going with the dough."

Apparently, she and the presenters quit after multiple disputes and communication issues with the producers.

They expressed their disagreement over the fact that the show was moved from the BBC network to Channel 4.

According to The Guardian, Berry said she was honored to be a part of the show, but she couldn't betray BBC as she felt a sense of loyalty towards the channel.

Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood with the presenters

Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood with 'The Great British Baking Show' presenters. (Source: Paul Hollywood's Instagram)

According to her, the show had provided her with the environment to nurture her skills. 

Giedroyc and Perkins allegedly had a dispute over money. They also denied being involved in the negotiation and consultation process.

"The BBC nurtured the show from its infancy and helped give it its distinctive warmth and charm, growing it from an audience of two million to nearly 15 at its peak," they said.

In a conversation with the Radio Times, Berry said she was shocked when the shift happened and opted to stay with BBC.

When asked about Hollywood, the chef said she was pretty fond of him and respected his decision regarding his association with the show that would air through Channel 4. 

Hollywood said he couldn't turn his back on the bakers and leave them hanging. He tweeted about Berry, saying he would miss her in the show.

Berry said she was never offered to be a part of the show and dodged the meeting with Channel 4.

They tried to convince her, but Berry couldn't leave BBC. She said she wished the best for the program, its crew, and future bakers.

Where Is Mary Berry Now?

After departing from The Great British Baking Show, Berry became a part of several British TV programs including Strictly Come Dancing and This Morning

She also hosts her mini-series, Classic Mary Berry and Mary Berry's Quick Cooking TV series

Berry has continued her association with BBC and plans to maintain that connection forever.