Martina McBride is a happily married family woman besides being a renowned American country music singer-songwriter and a record producer. She has been married to John McBride, who works in the music industry as a sound engineer, since 1988.

The famed singer and her husband are also parents to three beautiful daughters: Delaney McBride, 26, Emma Justine McBride, 23, and Ava McBride, 16.

Since becoming a mother, Martina started toning down her touring schedule so that she could provide her daughters with a normal upbringing. She has also openly stated in public, on multiple occasions, that she's always wanted to be present in her children's lives.

Speaking with Southern Living in 2019, the proud mother of three shared how she raised her daughters to be humble and grateful for all the luxuries in their life.

"While our girls’ lives looked different, the values were the same, and their everyday routines were fairly normal," she said, stating her daughters Delany, Emma, and Ava were anything but spoiled as little girls. "They didn’t get everything they wanted."

Over the years, Martina, age 55, has also said good words about them during her other interviews and social media handles.

Delaney McBride

Martina's eldest daughter, Delaney, was born on December 22, 1994. According to the singer, Delaney is "kind, empathic, compassionate, feisty, funny, talented, loyal, dark, and light."

Professionally, the eldest McBride sibling is a massage therapist, and when she graduated from massage therapy school in May 2018, her mother took to her Instagram to write a heart-warming note.

"So proud of my girl Delaney. She’s worked so hard and made top-notch grades to graduate yesterday as a massage therapist," Martina wrote in her caption.

On Delaney's birthday in December 2020, the Tennessee native also wrote another beautiful message for her daughter, crediting her for changing her world for the better with her birth.

"You have the most musical laugh and the best smile. I love you sweet girl. All the parts of you," she added.

Emma Justine McBride

Emma — Martina and John's second daughter — was born on March 29, 1998. She aspires to work in showbiz, like her mother, as she lives between Los Angeles and New York City to pursue a career in acting.

Her mother and father are proud of her efforts. The famed country music singer openly admired her daughter in her April 2020 Instagram post. 

"Emma, you have always been a bright light. Filling up every room you enter and every person who is lucky enough to know you," Martina wrote on Instagram.

Ava McBride

The youngest of the three McBride siblings, Ava, was born on June 21, 2005. However, she is yet to pursue any career like her other siblings since she is still young.

That said, she has made red carpet appearances with her family over the years. Her mother, Martina, has also shared many photos with her on Instagram.

In a June 2020 Instagram post, Martina stated that her youngest daughter was an "old soul" because she was "wise beyond her years she has always kept us intrigued trying to figure out who she is."

"I’ve recently realized she’s beyond ‘figuring out.’ She just is. She is Ava and I’ve never met anyone so sure of who she is and what she stands for...I’m so proud of her," she added.

Indeed, Martina is proud of all her daughters, and her daughters have done the right things in their lives to prove their mother right, too.