Nikita Jasmine was reportedly kicked off the E4 show, Married at First Sight UK after she and Jordon had an explosive argument on camera, with sources claiming that the situation only got worse after the cameras stopped rolling. 

In the teaser clip released prior to this week's episode, Jasmine was seen spilling absolute profanity at the dinner table. However, by the end of the clip, she did come to realize what she'd done wrong. 

Sadly, it was too late. 

Nikita Jasmine Has Been Kicked Off The Show

To put things in context, Jasmine's antics at the dinner table were so out of hand that the channel had to come out with an official statement to reestablish that the wellbeing of the cast and crew was their utmost priority at all times throughout the production period. 

They added, 

During filming, a situation escalated off-camera and Nikita displayed a level of aggression that was unacceptable and breached our agreed code of conduct on behavior. As a result, she was asked to leave the experiment.

The channel also assured that all the parties involved had been offered support. Apparently, Jasmine also apologized to everyone, and the issue had since been resolved. 

Why Nikita Jasmine Acted the Way She Did...

Towards the end of the teaser clip, Jasmine opened up about her behavior at the previous night's dinner party and what she thought caused it. 

According to the reality star, the night became decidedly overwhelming because it was the first time that all the cast members came together in one place. 

"So I do think that’s why things escalated the way that they did," she added. 

Meanwhile, her new husband, Ant Poole, confessed to the camera and argued that she couldn't speak to people the way she did. But she apparently had no regard for his opinion and wanted him to back her up instead. 

"But I just can’t do that. It doesn’t sit well with me," Poole confessed.

Everyone Out for Fame?

Metro reported that the dinner party was just after the newlyweds—Jasmine and Poole—returned from their honeymoon. 

A source with the outlet reported that the argument began with her ranting about her co-stars only coming onto the show for fame when it was apparent that others felt it was her who signed up for those reasons. 

The source added that the situation got so ugly security had to get involved. They outed, "Bosses were left with no choice but to remove her from the show."

Not Nikita Jasmine's First Rodeo

That being said, this wasn't Jasmine's first temper tantrum. She had already had a huge fight with her new husband while still on their honeymoon.

And, it wasn't just some disagreement; Jasmine, in a blur of expletive rounds, threw a cup at Poole after he told his new bride that her constant fishing for compliments didn’t feel like banter.

It isn't much of a defense, but Jasmine had made it clear from day one that she wasn't impressed by her new husband. She'd even argued that he wasn't her type. Jasmine had demanded that her new husband have veneers, a tan, and muscles, amongst a lengthy list of other requirements.