Actress Marlee Matlin and her husband, Kevin Grandalski, a police officer, have been married for almost three decades.

The couple tied the knot at the home of actor Henry Winkler on August 29, 1993.

From their marriage, the husband and wife now have four children — Sarah, born in 1996, Brandon, born in 2000, Tyler, born in 2002, and Isabelle, born in 2003.

Marlee Matlin with her husband Kevin Grandalski and their four children.

Marlee Matlin with her husband Kevin Grandalski and their four children. (Photo: Instagram)

But how did Matlin fall for her husband around 30 years ago? Here's a timeline!

Marlee Matlin’s First Meet With Her Husband

Matlin first met her spouse in June 1991 on a Los Angeles street corner, where Grandalski was directing traffic, and the actress was filming a scene for her NBC series Reasonable Doubts.

Interestingly, Grandalski had no idea who Matlin was when he came across her. It was only after someone pointed her out to him that he realized she was an actress.

Seven months later, they came across each other again — and it was after that they actually began to flirt.

Recalling the moment, the diva spoke with People in March 1993 and said, "I checked him out." Sometime later, both fell for each other and began a relationship.

After committing themselves to a relationship, they first went on their official date at a secluded spot in an L.A. park for a picnic lunch.

Marking his birthday on February 13, 1993, he also went down on his knees and presented her with a three-carat diamond ring.

After he proposed to her, she said she wanted "as many children as my uterus can handle."

Marlee Matlin Allegedly Had a Thing for Cops

The actress reportedly grew up in Morton Grove, Illinois, as the youngest of three children of Don Matlin, a used-car dealer, and his wife, Libby, a jewelry saleswoman.

There, she often loved watching The Streets of San Francisco, Mannix, and CHiPs. She also went on to study criminal justice and had considered a career in law enforcement.

Because of those reasons, she had a thing for cops from a very young age. Even Robert Singer, the executive producer of Reasonable Doubts, admitted the fact in a report for People.

On the other hand, Grandalski wanted to be a cop ever since he was a teenager.

He is the eldest of three children of Richmond Grandalski, a forestry worker, and Charlotte, a postmistress — and grew up in Fresno, California.

When asked about her long-ago ambition to be a cop, the actress responded by saying, "Marrying one is better."

Marlee Matlin’s 28th Wedding Anniversary with Kevin Grandalski

On August 29, 2021, Matlin took to Instagram to update her followers about a very special occasion.

"Today’s our 28th wedding anniversary! Truly blessed," she captioned her post, implying she and her husband were celebrating their wedding anniversary.

She continued to express herself through her caption, stating that she was looking forward to spending another 28 years and more with him.

The actress is evidently blessed with a loving husband and four amazing children. Hence, she could not help but gush about her family — life partner and children — regularly through her social media posts.