Korean pop superstars are notorious for keeping their love life a secret. 

But that doesn't stop their fans from entangling their favorite idols in relationship rumors. The most recent victim of such rumors is a prominent member of the famous band GOT7's, Mark Tuan, and one of the most popular female K-pop idols, BLACKPINK's Rosé. 

Both have a massive fan base in the K-pop industry, but there are few details about their personal lives, including their love life. However, recent rumors suggest that the famous songstress is dating Tuan.


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Mark Tuan Responds to Rosé Dating Rumors 

The rumors started when both the duo uploaded snapshots from their visit to the Eiffel Tower. 

On September 25, Jisoo uploaded a photo of her and Rose at the famous landmark after their tour around The City of Light. The duo was apparently in Paris to attend Fashion Week. The image blew up on the social media site and quickly gained over six million likes.

Shortly after, Tuan also uploaded a photo at the Eiffel Tower. Notably, it seemed like both the GOT7 member and BLACKPINK girls were present at the famous place simultaneously.

Immediately, fans speculated that Rose was Tuan's girlfriend, and they began tweeting up a storm about the duo dating. As the rumor started gaining traction, Tuan put a stop to it by tweeting his thoughts. He tweeted," y'all too funny…stop now," with a clown face emoji. 

Although Tuan's tweet was cryptic, fans knew he was referring to the dating rumors. However, the male idol deleted the tweet not long after that. The fact that the BLACKPINK girls and Tuan were at the same place was a mere coincidence since it is widely known that Tuan is also attending the Paris Fashion Week. 

His appearance in Paris was because of work but whether it had something to do with Rosé is something only the duo can confirm. 

Not the First Time Mark Tuan And Rosé Were Linked

This is not the first time the two K-Pop idols have sparked dating rumors.  

Earlier this year, on January 6, Rosé uploaded an Instagram carousel of her playing in the snow and captioned the post "Baby, it's cold outside." The following day, Tuan also uploaded an Instagram carousel of him outdoor in the cold. 


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He captioned his post, "Not cold at all." Of course, fans began suspecting that his post was connected to Rosé because of the caption and commented that Rosé was his girlfriend.   

Back in 2018, the duo was also connected because of similar reasons. On September 13, Tuan had uploaded a clip of his solo song 'OMW' and captioned it "on my way," which coincided with a photo of Rosé. The same day the BLACKPINK idol had shared a photo of herself on a trip to New York. 

The shot was taken from inside a car, and Rosé used the same caption. So again, some fans believed the captions were somehow connected. 

Nothing major has come out of these rumors, but it appears netizens cannot stop themselves from shipping them.