Mariah Carey celebrates her birthday every year like the rest of us. The only difference is that the singer never seems to age, and her timeless beauty has often made headlines, with many claiming she has had help with plastic surgery. 

Although the singer has never verified it, experts have claimed that she has had various procedures done — from rhinoplasty and a Brazilian butt-lift to Botox and chemical peeling — things to help maintain her youthfulness.

Furthermore, there are reports she has also undergone weight loss surgery as well. 


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Mariah Carey's Weight Loss Surgery

In 2017, Page Six reported that the songstress had undergone weight loss surgery after she was body-shamed online. The body-shaming came after she posted a photo of herself on a date with Bryan Tanaka. 

Online trolls flocked to the comments section stating she was "starting to look like a whale," that she needed to "cover those airbags," and that she "looked gross."

The outlet revealed that the diva underwent gastric sleeve surgery after she reportedly gained weight.

The procedure involves removing part of the stomach so that the patient feels fuller more quickly. In addition, the weight loss surgery can be done via a small incision, ensuring speedy recovery and minimal scarring.

A source told the outlet that Carey had always been proud of her curves, but during her tour with Lionel Richie after her Caesars Palace residency ended, she realized she had difficulty dancing. She was also getting a lot of criticisms online about her body. 


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The source added that the singer was feeling a lot better after her weight loss surgery and seeing some good results. 

Carey had previously lost 70 pounds after the birth of her twins in 2011. The singer explained she achieved the feat through a strict diet and exercise plan. She added that she never weighed herself, and for that, people might call her a liar, but she assured it was true. 

She iterated that she was a big-boned girl and would always weigh more.

Mariah Carey's Diet and Fitness Plan

Speaking of her diet and exercise plan, a source close to the singer revealed to Hollywood Life that she completely cut out processed sugars like chocolates and sweets. Instead, she ate fruits like blueberries and mangoes when she needed her sweet fix. 


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And to avoid temptation, the singer stopped celebrating birthdays and anniversaries and would only "eat a morsel of the tempting dessert."

Instead, the singer ate a lot of vegetables and increased her protein intake. She also cut out carbohydrates and bread from her diet.

As for her fitness, she worked out with a personal trainer regularly and consulted a nutritionist to get her body back to fantastic shape. But the one thing the singer indulged in was wine. The source claimed that it was something the singer could never give up, as she liked to sip on a glass of red or white wine at the end of a long day. 

Carey's remarkable self-restraint and hard work helped her drop an estimated 50 pounds.